It's all about the Kids!

Something wonderful is happening to thousands of kids across the country and it's the National Archery in the Schools Program aka NASP! The NASP tagline is "Changing lives one arrow at a time." Forty six states are involved, seven hundred schools and three countries and growing. What is NASP? It's a school archery program that is not just about archery, it's about responsibility, pride, confidence, growth and most of all it's about fun!

Kids that might not be able to play baseball or soccer because of an illness probably can shoot archery. And at schools that have the National Archery in the Schools program allow kids to go after school where they can learn a skill-hobby that will last a lifetime. Kids from all different circumstances have an opportunity to become skilled at the sport of archery.


We had the opportunity to be with two great kids who are blind and they have the same bow and arrows as kids blessed with sight. However with the use of a special contraption they could line themselves up with the target. A young girl was shooting and missed the bull's eye and said to me, "Missed that one." And I asked, "How do you know?" "Oh, I know the sound of the bull's eye "thump!" She is amazing. NASP is truly changing lives one arrow at a time.

How to get your school involved? It's simple... go to and check it out... have any questions? Call us at our toll free NASP HOT line: 877-987-8370 and we'll guide you in the right direction.

Vickie and the Alpen Optics Crew

If your school is participating in NASP please contact Alpen Optics for your NASP discount: 1-877-987-8370