Alpen Optics in the Pink

Alpen Optics is a supporter of breast cancer research and makes an annual donation to help find a cure.

The Alpen family was touched by breast cancer when our 27-year-old niece lost her battle with breast cancer in 2000, and Alpen Pro Staffer, Sheri Runge, mother of two, won her battle with breast cancer in 2010, We'd like to do all we can to help focus on the cure with the introduction of our Alpen Pink binoculars.


Alpen introduced the Alpen Pink binoculars because Pink is the color most associated with breast cancer research. With more than 40,000 Americans dying each year of breast cancer (400,000 worldwide), we created our Pink binoculars to help focus on a cure. Our new line of Alpen Pink is more than just pink binoculars. They have the same committment to quality as any of Alpen's other products. The green version of the 10x42 model won the 'Great Buy' award as seen in the 2008 Outdoor Life magazine Gear Test issue (model #390SR).

Alpen encourages you to think pink when considering the purchase of a new binocular. We also hope to inspire more companies in our industry to become involved in focusing on the cure for breast cancer. The Alpen Pink 393P waterproof / fogproof 10x42 binocular is priced under $200.