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As the sun sets on February 14, 2011, Team Alpen Optics brings you the latest news from our California office.

For the past 10 years we have been blessed with the most enthusiastic and dedicated Pro Staff in America! Our Alpen newsletter is being provided to keep you all up to speed on what's happening at Alpen and with all of you. If you have been unable to keep up with all of the Alpen Optics 2011 news; we are sending an "update" newsletter four times this year.

What you'll find:

  • The new "Performance Awards Program" for 2011 (details attached)
  • "Outstanding Pro Staff of the Quarter"
  • Who's shooting for Alpen (checkout and click on pro staff.... currently being updated)
  • Who's winning (email us info and photo and we’ll put it on Alpen Facebook/Website)
  • Who's having the most fun (email us the info and photo and we’ll put it on Alpen Facebook/Website)
  • A list of Alpen Pro Staff by state so you know who you can call on if you need anything.
  • Alpen blog (you’ll be the first to know)

New this year is “Outstanding Pro Staff of the Quarter”

This first quarter, we have selected ERIKA ANSCHUTZ for her heart and loyalty to Alpen Optics, which makes her a valuable Pro Staff member and ambassador to our Alpen family. Go to and read the latest on this Alpen star!


Alpen Performance Awards Program: All Pro Staff get ready for a winning 2011!

Carl Adkins DerryNull RandallJones
Carl Adkins
Derry Null
Randall Jones

Alpen is proud to announce a cash awards program for selected competitive archery events during 2011. See attached flyer for all the details. Remember it's necessary to sign up with Dick Pintcke at the Outback booth or trailer to participate in the program. We feel it's really important for our pro's to come by the trailer or booth and spend just a few minutes so the amateurs can see who's using Alpens and to answer their questions and help explain how good optics can improve their scores.

Alpen Performance Award Winners
Alpen Performance Award Winners


Who will we see at "The Vegas Shoot" this weekend? Dick Pintcke owner of Outback Sports will be representing Alpen Optics at all ASA and IBO shoots. Please stop by and say hello and sign up for the "Performance Award Program".

You are valuable to Alpen and we want to brag about you, so don’t be shy! ... Please tell us about your wins or adventures using Alpen products, and we will post it on our Facebook, newsletter and website. We want to see your You Tube videos using your Alpen Optics and You Tube Videos about your shooting adventures. Please put Alpen Optics on your "must see" favorite list for your social media outlets and things to tell your friends. Join Alpen’s Face book!

The Alpen Optics Crew ~