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Alpen Shasta Ridge Binocular Review - Man Makes Fire

Shasta Ridge Binocular Review

Why You Need to Hunt with a Good Set of Binoculars

Mentions Alpen Shasta Ridge, Alpen 8x25 Monocular

Alpen Monocular included in 11 More Best Gifts for Backpackers 2014 - Man Makes Fire

Includes Alpen Monocular

Alpen Wings ED by

A nice little extra binocular. Sometimes you want an extra binocular that you can just have along for emergencies, when you wouldn't have brought your main binocular. Something small and lightweight. With good optical quality. And not too expensive. Under $200. The Alpen Wings ED has a lot going for it. It's tiny, only 3.8 inches long. At 8 ounces, you won't mind adding it to your pocket or purse. And it won't break the bank. Click to read more.

Alpen Teton by Optics4birding

When we tested the Tetons against other binoculars in the $500-$700 range, they outperformed most of the competition. The brightness was excellent, the image tack sharp, and the color fidelity terrific. You would have to spend at least $200 more to get significantly better optical performance. The flat field performance was better than average. There is a tiny bit of distortion at the very edge of the visual field with a bit of chromatic aberration there as well, but this zone wasnít particularly large as these things go. The tendency towards pin-cushioning was relatively minor. Overall, the Tetons have a very good flat-field performance, especially in a $600 optic. The field of view (FOV) at 1000 yards is 383 feet on the 8x model and 341 feet on the 10x. Thus, the Tetons have about 5-6% better FOV than average in the 8x and 10x classes for 42-mm optics, a fairly significant difference. Though listed as having an 8.2-foot minimum close focus in the Alpen literature, we measured the minimum close focus at 5.5 feet for both Teton models with no tendency towards field collapse. Click to read more.

Outdoor Life Ranks the Best New Binoculars of 2011

Alpen Rainier 8x42, OVERALL RATING: Optics/Mechanics: B+, Image: A, Design: B+, Price / Value: A-

With the Rainier, Alpen extends its line from entry-level budget glass to appeal to higher-end buyers. Optically, the bino performed flawlessly, scoring near the top on both the low-light and resolution tests. Click to read more.

Shasta Ridge Great Buy as seen in Outdoor Life Magazine

It's a rare product that defies one of the most justified axioms in the optics industry: that quality is directly proportional to price. This full-size binocular from Alpen offers optical quality that you'd expect to pay two or three times as much to get from another brand. While its plain exterior could be enhanced with more user-friendly features, it's the glass that is the soul of any optical instrument, and this Alpen shines- literally- with quality. Click to read more.

Wings Field Test by Donald MacDonald

There is no such thing as bad weather when it comes to hunting, only inappropriate clothing. Despite low cloud and the type of wet mist that seems to saturate everything down to the core, I headed out for a deer and started questioning my previous statement. Nonetheless the Alpen Wings ED's proved to be just the ticket in such poor light and conditions. The outstanding brightness the binoculars provided was probably the only reason that I got onto an animal. Click to read more.

Alpen Spotting Scope Great Buy as seen in Outdoor Life Magazine

Due to the great light-gathering ability of the 80mm objective, the scope performs superbly in low light. The 45-degree eyepiece is especially useful for viewing astronomical objects or anything at a steep upward angle, such as game on mountainsides or birds in trees. And thanks to the rotating tripod mount, it's ideal for use on shooting benches. Click to read more.

786 Spotting Scope by Outdoor Life

A big, full-size spotting scope, this budget-minded entry from Alpen took top honors on the resolution range by virtue of its large 80mm objective lens. Still, it's a lot of glass for the money, and is relatively light for its size. This scope would be perfect for your pickup or for picture-window viewing. Click to read more.

Alpen Rainier Binoculars by Optics4birding

Alpen Rainier sells for about $1,000 less than the Swarovski "EL" Click to read more.

Spotting Scopes Review by Bird Watchers Digest

We got big surprise when we lined up three big scopes and compared their resolving power. The Alpen smoked the other two! Even though its price is the lowest of the three and it alone doesn't tout ED or HD glass elements, it easily bested their resolutions. The image was beautifully clear with good contrast. It also stood out among its competitors for its extremely low degree of chromatic aberration. Click to read more.

Alpen Rainier 68 Binoculars by Southern Sporting

Why we like it: The large-diameter lens elements throughout the optical system provide enhanced field-of-view and eye relief, while the twist-lock eyecup system ensures easy, comfortable viewing. The rugged magnesium body will survive the roughest conditions. Click to read more.

Alpen 495 Binoculars by Central Oregon Outdoors

Anyone into birding, wildlife watching or hunting knows the importance of a good pair of binoculars. While 8-power binoculars will bring most distant objects into view, I prefer the higher magnification of 10-power. Alpen's new Apex 495 binoculars have now become my favorite. These 10 X 42 binocs are waterproof, fogproof and are comparable in quality to those two to three times the price. Click to read more.

Alpen 745 Spotting Scope by The Ranging Shot

I recently came across another fairly inexpensive spotter that I thought that might be of interest. It's the 60mm, Model 745 from Alpen. It sells for around $210 in most places on the internet. The first thing that hits you about the scope is the unusual design. It kind of looks like a lazy letter "L." This is because the scope body itself is bent into a 45 degree angle rather than the usual practice of taking a regular straight body and slapping an eyepiece on the end at forty-five degrees. I like the 745 as the angled part of the scope is longer than on most and therefore gives the shooter more flexibility on where to place it, especially when shooting from the Creedmore position.

This Alpen is a 20-60X type that is 100% waterproof. Not just water resistant like some much more expensive scopes I could name, consequently it can be fully immersed in water. Some may say "so what," but life is funny in that it throws a surprise at us every now and then. For instance, while on a camping trip long ago I dropped non-water proofed spotting scope into the water while unloading a canoe. That was the end of that spotter. The interior of the scope was now permanently fogged up. In desperation, I even tried to bake it in the oven (at very low heat) to drive out the moisture from the inside, but all I did was to cause the coatings on the lenses to change color to a kind of pink and purple. (Oh well, desperate men do desperate things.) At any rate, 100% waterproofing is a good thing. You never know when you might need it. Click to read more.

Alpen 496 Binoculars by Bowzone Canada

The overall clarity is comparable to some of the best on the market. One way I have always discerned quality optics from lesser quality optics, is the clarity around the edges of your magnified image. These binoculars are very clear around the edges indicating to me there are good quality coatings on the lenses and care taken when designing the optics. There is also a bluish tinge when looking through the binoculars, removing some of the glare from bright objects and making it easier to see into dark area. On a scale of one to ten, I would give a nine making these binoculars a step above some high end Pentax and Nikon optics. Click to read more.

Mini Scope is Field and Stream Best of the Test

Some of the top name brand spotting scopes in the industry were tested and Alpen walked away leading the pack. It is also important to note that out of all spotting scopes tested, the Alpen model 711 was the least expensive, proving what Alpen has known for a long time: you donít have to break the bank to own a high-quality, crystal-clear spotting scope or pair of binoculars. Click to read more.

Super Optics by Jim Anderson, The Source Weekly

Naturalists have to be prepared for what creeps, flies or falls on us. These new Alpen 8x32 binoculars focus from infinity to less than four feet in seconds, and for me, that about covers the gamut of what I am involved with 24/7. In addition, I know for sure that they will work for identifying spiders, eagles, osprey, butterflies and glaciers. Can't beat that with a stick! Click to read more.

Apex 8x42 by Ron Spomer, American Hunter

In practice the APEX pretty much lived up to its billing. While looking directly toward the sun as it kissed the western horizon, the APEX exhibited less flare and higher contrast than a famous brand binocular costing three times as much. It showed slightly less edge distortion than a top-line 8x43mm from another well-known company and equal resolution until 45 minutes after sundown.

After spending a night in the kitchen freezer, the APEX emerged frosty, but only externally. No internal fogging was detected as the unit warmed and dried, nor was there any internal fogging after a half-hour dunking in the kitchen sink (my optics torture lab), While the unit was submerged, I twisted the eyecups up 'and down several times, turned the focus wheel back and forth five times and cranked the diopter wheel through several cycles. For good measure, I sloshed the binocular vigorously several times in imitation of a hunter trying to extricate himself from a pond or river. No leaks resulted from my efforts. Click to read more.

Alpen Wins Again with Todd Spotti, IHMSA News

I trained them on both distant objects and on a set of resolution charts in the plant. Bottom line - the image was bright, the colors were true, and the resolution was very good. Toss in the super price and Alpen's no bull warrantee, and you've got a great deal. Can you use them to spot silhouettes? You bet. Attach them to a tripod using a standard adapter that's available anywhere (including Alpen), and you're ready to go. Don't forget, binocs give you a 3D image that improve your ability to see hits and misses on the targets, and spotting scopes don't. If you don't have a lot of money, look at these first. If you do have $, look at these anyway. A real bargain that delivers. Click to read more.

Kodiak 4-12x40 Rifle Scope by Donald MacDonald

As with most Alpen products there was no problem with the brightness or clarity of the images. I compared the Kodiak with another vari-power scope of around the same price range. The other scope (Brand-X) had a 50mm objective lens yet it did not perform as well in the brightness stakes. So thumbs up to the Kodiak's internal optics. As the evening faded into darkness the Alpen resolved detail well, losing just a little image quality when I wound it up to the higher magnifications and the exit pupil dosed up (ie; reduced in diameter), which is to be expected. Click to read more.

Bowhunting Experts pick Apex 8.5x50 Binocular as seen in Outdoor Life Magazine

3-D OPTICS. Alpen's Apex 8.5x5Omm binocular provides quality optics at an affordable price. Multi-coated lenses, extra-long eye relief and large (50mm) objectives offer great light-gathering capacity for low-light hunting conditions. Crystal-clear glass delivers excellent resolution of fine details for 3-D competitors. Click to read more.