April Girvin

Along with my teammate, Joey Girvin, we coach a beginning archery class, for all ages, on Saturdays in the fall/winter. I would have to say that my best girlfriend lives in Virginia. If I hadnít gotten into archery, I wouldnít have met her and had the support of another female shooter.

Shooting 3D archery allows me time to enjoy the outdoors and the sights of nature. I have the best coach / teammate in Joey Girvin that anyone could ever ask for.

Any time of the year, Iím super-excited to go on any road trip to any cool and interesting place. Iím an avid Colts fan, even though they are having a difficult year.

I use Alpen Apex 8.5 x 50 binoculars throughout my archery season. During competition, their brightness and clarity give you the edge you need to see where your arrow needs to be.