Brittany Binger

For outdoor practice and competition I use the Alpen 788 (20-60-80) spotting scope. This scope is perfect for seeing my arrows at each of the four different distances at outdoor tournaments, especially 70 meters and enables me to adjust my sight with extreme accuracy. Alpen optics have amazing quality and clarity that I have come to depend on at every tournament I go to. 

  • I am a senior biology major at James Madison University
  • I plan on going to medical school in 2010
  • At my first archery tournament (3D) I was 7, shot in the 8-13 year old class and won first place
  • I’ve won 3 world collegiate archery medals (1 gold- mixed compound team, 2 bronze compound female team)
  • I danced for 15 years: started dancing at the age of three: tap, ballet jazz, and eventually started point at age 12
  • I enjoy taking kickboxing classes at the gym at my school
  • I have a black miniature poodle named Pretzel