Jack Coad

Alpen Optics IHEA Hunter Instructor of the Year for 2014!

  • New York State Hunter Safety Instructor/New York State Archery Hunting Instructor. Firearms and archery instructor.
  • Hunting Expert pro-staffing with national prominent hunting companies and manufacturers.
  • Seminar Speaker presenting numerous seminars on big game hunting. Participant and judge in regional NWTF Turkey Calling Contests.
  • Specializing in introducing youth, women and first time enthusiasts to the wonderful tradition of hunting.
  • Big and small game archery hunter. Hunting whitetail, black bear, elk, hogs and turkey. 
  • IBO member and tournament competitor.
  • Father of five kids and grandfather to seven grandchildren - the next generation lives on!
  • Employed in Law Enforcement

Equipment Utilized:

  • when whitetail hunting in New York State I like the lightweight and clarity of the Apex 8X42 for all round hunting use.
  • when turkey hunting and IBO competition; I love the rainier 8X32 - when I need to see the spurs or rings! I find the 8X32s out perform most other companies larger heavier optics.
  • when I am chasing elk, moose or caribou through remote vast lands; I never go without my Alpen 15-45X60 spotting scope. The light weight never causes me to leave behind. I also use this scope, with its convenient tripod, while sighting in my muzzle loader at the range - makes sighting must quicker and effective.