Michala Frederick

Michala Frederick

Shoots with Alpen Apex 8.5 x 50 and she loves them!
Hometown: Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Born: 1997
Draw Length: 26Ē
Preferred Draw Weight: 40 Ė 50 lbs.

First things first, I love archery! It is my favorite and most competitive sport. I got into archery because my friend Cameron Peyton recommended it and I thought it sounded like a fun sport I could do for a few years. So I joined the Anderson County Middle School Archery Team. Turned out it has affected my life forever. Archery is now a part of my life and it will never waiver from itís spot in my heart. I am very good at archery, I think, because I like it. It is something I have fun doing. Itís also fun to beat the boys so I can watch their mouths hang open.

I compete in the National Archery in The Schools Program (NASP) and 4-H Archery. I have competed in NASP for five years, and this will be my sixth. This is my 5th year in 4-H archery. It feels awesome to nail that 50 at 10 meters or 15 meters.

Too many of the girls at my school get caught up in make-up, boys, and beauty. I always knew I was different. I didnít want jewelry kits when I was little, I wanted to go hunting and shoot my b-b gun. Iím still like that, Iíd much rather shoot archery or shotgun. It is just the way I am. My family is into hunting, my uncle, my grandfather and my dad. All of them like archery as well. It runs in my veins to shoot archery and be in a blind.

My Uncle Andy has always said that because I am a girl, boys will doubt my ability to shoot well. He was right. Boys I know have always been full of themselves when it comes to sports or hunting. They also think that they should be better or stronger than girls. Sometimes they are and sometimes they arenít. I often come across boys that get upset if a girl beats them. It is useless to get upset over something that is in the past. Girls donít get worked up over it, they work harder to be the winner the next time.

On the archery team that I shoot on, girls have been shooting better than the boys, but some were holding back so the boys didnít get mad. I explained to them that by beating them, they were helping them because when they get upset they work harder to win just like us. We just skip the upset part. After that, they shoot much better.

I think boyís should realize that girls donít need them and that we can hold our own. We can be as strong as them. Girls can shoot just as well as boys and better than them. Most of the boys on our team have realized that and they are okay with the idea that girls can beat them. In a few years I know I will still be in love with archery.

Some Notable Accomplishments

NFAA Indoor Results
2012 KY State Championship 294 & 28 X’s State Champion YFFS  Youth Female Freestyle
2012 Southeast Sectional Championship 577 & 67 X’s Runner Up SE Sectional Champion YFFS
3D Accomplishments
2014 Scholastic 3D National Championship 189 & 1-12’s National Champion
2014 Kentucky Scholastic 3D State Championship 200 & 3-12’s State Champion
2014 KY ASA Women’s Open B 286 & 4-12’s State Champion
Kentucky ProAm 384 & 6-12’s 2nd out of 4 girls
Illinois ProAm 390 & 5-12’s 1st out of 5 girls
KY State ASA Championship 293 & 5-12’s PB for 3D