Ron Gayer

Ron has a degree in History and Marketing. He can discuss the Civil War or help you develop your marketing plan. For 20 years Ron has worked as an outfitter, guide or hunt coordinator. He has guided hunters in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and California. In pursuit of elk, Mule deer, turkeys, antelope, hogs and predators.

Ron has produced video marketing programs for outfitters in British Columbia and the United States, and is an award winning Outdoor Writer and Wildlife Photographer. He communicates the role played by hunters in wildlife conservation through speaking engagements. Recently he has spoken at Bass Pro Shop’s “Outdoor World” in Southern California. He, also, takes time to work with youth in schools, 4-H, and youth education programs like JAKES (NWTF). Ron’s latest project is a DVD series “The Guide’s Guide to Hunting.” These programs offer sportsmen and women, new to the hunting sports, a tutorial on hunting. “The Complete Guide To Wild Hog Field Care” Is available now.

Alpen products used:  I carry my Alpen Rainier 10X42’s everywhere I go. I find, as I get older, my eyes need the field of view and the crisp image I see with my Alpen’s. I also carry the Teton 10X42 for my hunters to use. Alpens are far superior to the “glass” most hunters bring to the hunt. When the hunt is over I have to make sure they don’t trade their old binoculars for my Alpen’s.

My Alpen 20-60X80 spotting scope is just the tool I need to spot and field judge big bull elk in the fall. I also use it when sighting in hunters’ rifles at the range. Rugged and waterproof, it has not let me down. My Alpen optics perform season after season.

Web site and contact info:

Mailing address:  Tracker Marketing; 4130 Pinewood Lake Drive; Bakersfield, CA 93309