Tom King

I love to see the look on other hunter's faces when I have them compare my Alpen Binos to their High Dollar Optics. At first, they don't seem too impressed and usually say "These are nice, I can't tell the difference." Then I tell them how much the Alpen's cost. That's when I get the surprised look from them. Then they usually go into an almost frantic sales pitch of why theirs are probably superior, most of the time settling on the low light capability of their Expensive Binos.

When the sun starts to set, it's almost always them who want to compare my Alpen's with their so called "top of the line" optics. That's when they really become "Optic Professionals." Most can't believe that Alpen offers such great quality glass at such an affordable price. That's why I use and trust Alpen Optics on all of my adventures.

  • Apex Zoom Magnification, 8X16X42 for hunting
  • Apex 8.5X50 for 3D Shoots
  • Pro Series 8X42 for the Truck
  • 725- 15-45X60 spotting Scope
  • Kodiak 4-12X50 Riflescope for my Muzzleloader
  • Apex 6-24X50 for my Rifles

Tom King
CEO Bighorn Outdoors TV
and Bighorn Outdoors Youth Adventure Program