Dave "Coach" Robertstad

I have been an Elementary Physical Education Teacher in Texas for over 20 years. I am constantly looking for new ways to encourage my students to increase their fitness level and develop a healthier lifestyle. Part of the desire to teach my students life skills lead to the creation of the Oak Program. Whether it’s fishing, hiking, bird watching or orienteering, my goal is to provide our students with positive exposure to a variety of outdoor skills and experiences.

Birding is great activity to get kids interested in the outdoors. It is an excellent cross-curricular activity where students develop observation and listening skills, learn to compare and contrast and develop some much needed patience. Best of all, it is fun!

The Alpen Shasta Ridge 381 binoculars are the binoculars of choice for my students. The size, clarity, wide field of view, and “close focus” enhance their enjoyment, whether we are watching humming birds feed in the schoolyard habitat, or a flock of sandhill cranes flying over our campus.

I bring my birding world into focus with Rainier Model 77 HDED 10x42 and Rainier HDED 20-60x80 Spotting Scope and Model 820 SLR Camera Adaptor. Another reason I put my trust in Alpen is the lifetime warranty. Alpen’s “No Questions Asked, No Fault, No Problem” commitment means I don’t have to worry when using them in class!