Steve Sorensen

The brightness, the clarity and the engineering of Alpen optics are way beyond what you’d expect for the price. The Alpen products I use:

  • #4030 3-9x42 Apex Rifle Scope – equal to or superior to scopes at much higher prices.
  • #496 Apex 8.5 x 50 Binoculars – bright, clear, well-engineered, and great eye-relief for eyeglass wearers.
  • #119 10x32 Monocular – great pocket-sized optic for kitchen window viewing of wildlife.
  • Frequent speaker at sportsman’s banquets at churches and other events.
  • Award-winning syndicated outdoor columnist, “The Everyday Hunter.”
  • Published articles in several regional and national magazines.
  • Hunts with bow, rifle and muzzleloader.
  • Pastor of a church.

    Glad to recommend Alpen optics to anyone.