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Warren and Lisa Strobel

We have been Alpen fans for several years and purchased both the Alpen Apex 8x42 and the Shasta Ridge 10x 42 for birding. We find both models are exceptional quality at a great price.  Alpen images are bright which is important when birding at early dawn or dusk and also when searching for movement in brush or in highly dense tree canopy. Alpen binoculars also produce a crisp, sharp image which is particularly important when studying feather detail.

We've proudly used Alpens on beginning bird walks because we know novice birders are getting a good sense of the bird if they are viewing them through Alpen binoculars.

We hike the Appalachian Trail, birding along the way, and appreciate that our Alpens are not only light weight but they can also take a beating as we navigate over rock scrambles and dodge thunderstorms.

We are also grateful for the comfortable eye reliefs--our eye sockets are happy after a long day of bird searching!

  • Lisa and Warren met in a bar on a blind date.
  • We're birders, mainly. But we're curious about the moths around our house at night, the trees over our driveway, the bugs that sneak into our house... Too much to learn. So little time!
  • Lisa and Warren both went walking in the woods and enjoying nature with their fathers when they were kids.
  • One of their wedding vows is to finish hiking the Appalachian Trail together.
  • Lisa was a medal winner in Archery in summer camp and still has her lucky bow. Warren was featured in GQ magazine last year as a journalist you need to read!
  • Warren and Lisa believe every birder should purchase a Duck Stamp. The Duck Stamp costs a mere $15 - most of that goes toward buying land to preserve and expand National Wildlife Refuges across the nation.