Alpen Monocular


I have a few pairs of binoculars, so I never thought that a monocular would be something I’d use – until I tried one out from Alpen Optics. I must say, I was very impressed with their 124 Monocular, even though I felt like a sailor of the old days, standing on the front of his ship searching for land.

The 10x25 power monocular is waterproof, fogproof and weighs only 5 ounces. Alpen also offers their 120 model, which is 8x25. Both are compact and built to endure the toughest of conditions. The monoculars are constructed with smaller prisms and objective lenses to reduce weight, yet offer clear, quality viewing. Both have a close focus of 12 feet.

Monoculars are perfect for days when you don’t want a pair of binoculars hanging around your neck. You can have one in your daypack, fanny pack or pocket and it is so lightweight you won’t even realize it’s there.

Domke Binos

Binoculars lost in the woods and then found

I live up in the great north woods of Wisconsin. I own a pair of Apex 8x32 and would like to send you some pictures of them. At the end of early season archery last year I accidentally dropped my binoculars in the woods. By the time I realized it, we had a foot of snow on the ground and there was no hope of finding them until spring. I was devastated because I was sure my wonderful binoculars would be ruined. Well, as soon as the snow melted I headed out to look for them last week. I found them finally out in the woods under a lot of dirt and debris. They have been chewed on by the critters. Most of the rubber coating is gone, the lens caps are completely eaten off, and the focus knob and eyepiece rubber is badly chewed, but they still work fine and are as clear as ever (once I got the “who knows what” cleaned off the lenses). You should see this! It is unbelievable. Janette Domke

Binoculars lost in a duck marsh and then found

Just a quick testimony on how fantastic these optics really are. These glasses rarely leave my side, but I lost them for a year in a duck marsh that I hunt a ton. Almost exactly a year later to the day I relocated the now rotted neoprene strap, still attached, and dug them out from the muddy tomb. They were totally wrapped in a root ball of marsh grass. They were submerged for a year and froze countless times and still they are clear as can be. Thank you so much for making such a great product that the average guy can afford and be proud of. – Brett D., Bend, OR

Teton binoculars lost in a swamp

In late February, the MDWFP was hosting a Youth Squirrel Hunt at Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. I was one of the hosts that took a group of 3 young boys and their parents along with a squirrel dog handler into the swamp. I was carrying a large camera around my neck, so I placed my binocs inside my cruiser vest pocket instead of wearing them around my neck. At some point late in the hunt, I went to get the binocs out of my pocket and they were gone. I panicked thinking I would never be able to back-track our trip thru the swamp and be able to find them. I did have a GPS tracking our movements the entire hunt, so I separated from the hunting party and back-tracked in the direction where I last knew I had the binocs. After backtracking a full mile, I found them, laying in a puddle of water and mud. I let them dry and cleaned them off. There was no damage whatsoever. — Ricky Flynt, Wildlife Biologist, Alligator/Furbearer Program Coordinator, Jackson, MS

Nothing less than awesome

First, let me start by stating I LOVE THESE BINOCULARS!!! I am a retired photographer and have been quite partial to the Nikon brand of cameras and optics; that is until I came across ALPEN in a local chain store. I purchased two of the ALPEN KODIAK 3.5x10 riflescopes for hunting purposes, and shortly thereafter, I bought the APEX binoculars. Your optics are nothing less than awesome. As a hunter, optical clarity, sharpness, light gathering ability, and durability always come first and you folks at ALPEN have nailed it. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! — Dave S., Bath, NY

Flawless performance

Just a quick note to let Alpen know my Apex 8.5x50 binocs performed flawlessly again this year. The sharp and clear sight picture allowed me to win the Indiana state championship, the I.B.O. at Erie PA, 2nd at I.B.O Nelsonville OH, and another win at the I.B.O. world championship. Without my Alpens I doubt my year would have been so successful! Once again, a heartfelt thanks.” – Mike Parker

The Apex scope was flawless and performed amazingly in very unfavorable conditions. I glassed a buck up first thing in the morning. With the naked eye, all you could see was his dark body and white face. Once I pulled up on him with my Apex scope things changed. He was 220 yards away in the darkest of dawn. On 10 power and with the amount of light the Apex scope was collecting, he looked like he was 10 feet away. – Jeff Hunt, Liberty Press Publications

I think y’all have the best products on the market and love the ones I already have purchased. I always recommend your products to my Hunter Safety students along with anybody I talk with. Thanks for such super-great products! – J.M. Borho, Jr.

Alpen HD ED Binoculars

When you think of birding binoculars, a certain level of quality and performance comes to mind. You expect the binoculars to be waterproof, have bright images with good edge-to-edge clarity, fast focus, long eye relief and light weight. But then comes along a pair of binoculars that takes all this to a new level… THE ALPEN HD ED RAINIER. The dramatic improvement in contrast attests to the new HD, ED lens. Even with overcast and back-lit conditions, the field marks literally jump out at you. And the oversize prisms with ED lens and HD coatings almost eliminate low-light conditions. No longer will you be mis-identifying birds because they move back into the darkest part of the tree. These binoculars will actually extend your viewing day both morning and evening.

The focus is 1.5 turns from close focus (6.5 ft) to infinity. Not too fast that you go through the sweet spot, but fast enough to switch from warblers to soaring raptors.

The diopter setting on the focus wheel gives you a precise and locked setting every time, You will find that your hands will wrap around the barrels in a very comfortable position because of the new hinge design. At 29.4 ounces, they are the lightest full size RAINIER model yet. Heavy enough to give you a good feel, but light enough for a full day in the field.

The adjustable neck strap and carrying case are included with every pair. All this and ALPEN’S Lifetime No-Fault Warranty can’t be beat. – Tom Hallett

Alpen's Great Customer Service

I would just like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Alpen optics. Your customer service is excellent! I recently sent in a spotting scope for warranty service and you guys rock! I was so happy to come home and find a replacement scope on my door. I opened the box and immediately left for a scouting trip. The fast return shows what a great company Alpen is and has now earned not only my loyalty but also respect. Thank you! Can't say enough and cant type anymore I have scouting to get to. – Cory McLaughlin, Walla Walla, Washington

I received the binoculars yesterday that you sent to replace the broken ones I returned to see if they could be repaired. It is truly refreshing to find a company that stands behind their products. Thank you for a fine product that regular people can afford. On the circuit they jokingly call Alpen's the poor man's Swarovski's. I'm proud to carry them because they don't make me feel poor at all. In fact they make me feel rich and smart as they are the best buy on the market today and now I find out they have the best warranty too. Thank you again for a fine product and for standing behind it. — Dan Fowler, Meridian, TX

I am a member of the International Hunters Education Assn. and I think y’all have the best products on the market and love the ones I already have purchased. Thanks for such super great products! — MJMB Jr., Priddy, TX

I can’t thank you enough for so generously replacing the binoculars I dropped, inadvertently, shortly after I bought them. Please know how much I like them — and that I will gladly tell my friends about these nice, affordable binocs! Wonderful customer relations! I’m impressed by your philosophy and also like your website, so I’ll likely be shopping again. I now have two pairs of Alpens. — LB, Flagstaff, AZ

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the service you provided in repairing and sending back my spotting scope in two days. You also cleaned it and sent a case with it, and I got it back in time for my hunting trip. Thanks, Alpen.— MA, Visalia, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the service you provided in repairing and sending back my spotting scope in two days. You also cleaned it and sent a case with it, and I got it back in time for my hunting trip. Thanks, Apen. — Michael Albright

Thank you for replacing my binoculars and shipping the new ones to me so quickly. I am so impressed with your service and I will be sure to tell everyone I know what a great pair of binoculars you make and also the great service you give. — Marybeth Beston

I was astounded to receive a new pair of model #217 Binoculars in the mail less than a week from the time I sent my damaged pair into you. When I sent them in, I expected to get a note in the mail saying. “Sorry, we don’t make these anymore and we don’t warranty them either. Was I ever wrong! You can be sure that I will tell everyone I know that may be interested about your service. — Larry S., Shoshone, ID

I wanted to e-mail and express my appreciation for the recent service I received from Vickie Gardner, Nathan Violet, et al. There was a slight problem with one of the binoculars I purchased and it was resolved quickly, courteously, and to my complete satisfaction. I can say without reservation that this type of service is getting more and more rare, and when it is encountered, it is greatly valued. — Dave A., Midland, MI

Alpen's Over Other Name Brands

I love to see the look on other hunter's faces when I have them compare my Alpen Binos to their High Dollar Optics. At first, they don't seem too impressed and usually say "These are nice, I can't tell the difference." Then I tell them how much the Alpen's cost. That's when I get the surprised look from them. Then they usually go into an almost frantic sales pitch of why theirs are probably superior, most of the time settling on the low light capability of their Expensive Binos.

When the sun starts to set, it's almost always them who want to compare my Alpen's with their so called "top of the line" optics. That's when they really become "Optic Professionals." Most can't believe that Alpen offers such great quality glass at such an affordable price. That's why I use and trust Alpen Optics on all of my adventures. — Tom King, CEO Bighorn Outdoors TV & Bighorn Outdoors Youth Adventure Program

I've had these going on 8 seasons now; they have been all over the US. They have also been to the Amazon, Peru, Costa Rica, Ireland, Mexico and Canada and from sea level to 14,000 feet. I use them primarily for hunting, animal and bird watching. I've used my friends more expensive bino's and I still prefer my Alpens. — Ken L., Jemez Springs, NM

First of all, THANK YOU for making such an awesome product! I purchased my Alpen (Pro Model 364) binoculars back in 1992 and I am still using them today! They are the only set of optics that I rely on for all of my hunting. I am primarily an archer and the binoculars are perfect. Their lightweight and compact design allows them to lay flat to my chest, eliminating any issues with potential shot interference. I have looked thru several different brands of binoculars, including all of the highly advertised, name-brand ones, and Alpen doesn't lack in any area of performance. Their longevity is very impressive as well. — Tim C., Moorefield, WV

I have enjoyed the quality and value Alpen has offered in the past and am interested in keeping my optics interest with your company. Thank you again for your great quality products and excellent support staff. I have enjoyed my experience with your company thus far and look forward to working with Alpen in the future. — Josh W, Colby, KS

Long Lasting Binoculars

I have had a pair of faithful Alpen bino's for over 10 years and they have been with me on every deer hunt. I would like to say they have been my best set to this day. I hunt hard and they have been attached to my chest every year. I climb stands, I still hunt, and they have been great throughout the years.

I purchased these a few years after you got started. I was a sporting goods show where you had a booth. You were new to the market, this was late 90's early 2000's. But the salesman was good and I thought I would give it a try. After mentioning the warranty, it was a done deal. Thank you for years of viewing. — Kurt W., Hardy, AR

Kodiak Rifle Scope

my bear where he fell

Just a short note on the Kodiak Scope you sent me: WOW!!! Let me tell you, during my 5-day horseback pack trip out of Kennedy Meadows into the Sierra at 10,500 feet near Yosemite, that Alpen Kodiak scope on my new Tikka got snowed on, bumped, banged and dropped enough times so it actually was scratched and dented a bit after climbing rocky granite ledges and through brush and trees. Yet, when it came time, it was dead on for my 120-yard shot on a 300-pound black bear. I have owned many different types of scopes in the past, but from now on, it's Alpen on! There is no scope I know of that wouldn't have been knocked out of wack by all it went through. Congratulations on outstanding optics! Now, I only use Alpen scopes and binoculars. — Bill Karr, Editor, Western Outdoor News, NorCal

Binocular Quest

I want to say thanks to all those at Alpen Optics. When I was on my quest to find the best binos for my budget, I compared several different brands. While at one of the local sporting goods stores I had the opportunity to compare two of the other major brands along with the Alpen brand. The Alpen's had a sharper, clearer image than the other two brands. When I compared the cost, it was hands down which brand I would purchase. The really cool thing is, I left the store with a great set of binos and a few extras with the money I saved. You have a great product and customer service. I also see Alpen Optics offers savings to the IHEA instructors. Thanks for your support of the instructors. — Gary Mauldin

Alpen Apex Binocular

I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for producing such fantastic optics. I saw your products at a show a couple of years back and was very impressed. I did side by side with Apex 10x42 and five more-highly-advertised brands. I now own APEX Binos in 10x42. I felt these were much clearer compared to the other brands. They were so close to Z/S I could not understand why anyone would choose to spend the additional money (more than 5X the price) and then carry them (heavy!) For me the Alpen's were perfect. I'm also starting to upgrade my other rifle scopes and am topping everything with the APEX rifle scope line. The side parallax and awesome glass have me sold. And every chance I get I show my stuff off and you sell more product, believe me. Finally, I can get the glass I want and the power I want and with side parallax the additional movement is minimal to non existent. — MW, Coarsegold, CA

Apex BAK4 10x50 Binoculars

I have the Apex BAK4 10x50 binos and they have ben truly awesome. I have had them for 13 years and not one problem. They have been used and abused every hunting season and that is usually 60 days a season I am a big game guide in Alberta, so I rely heavily on my optics to make sure my hunter is chasing the game animal he wants. I have compared my binos against some of the biggest names in optics, and Alpen outdoes them all, At 200 yards and critical last light, I am the guy who can safely say that is a 140 class nine point buck. No other binos can give a guy that degree of clarity and sharpness. Four years ago I bought the Model #786 – 20-60x80 spotting scope for my antelope hunting trip and it performed amazingly well also. Sizing up those prairie speed goats at long range was critical to getting the buck I wanted. I have convinced a lot of friends to use Alpen due to the high quality and performance of your products. Keep it up! — Glenn Bielech, Grande Prairie, Alberta, CN

3x9 Rifle Scope

Just a short note to say how much I enjoy your 3x9 rifle scope. It is a beaut scope and clearly superior to many available on the market. I feel some disappointment for others having looked through their scopes but I have to admit feeling pretty bloody smug and I have a quiet chuckle to myself. Keep up the fine work. — Kim C., Victoria, Australia

Bighorn Outdoors Youth Adventure

Bighorn Outdoors Youth Adventure

Alpen Outdoors has been a huge supporter of the Bighorn Outdoors Youth Adventure camps for 5 years now. The camps are dedicated to teaching young people about the Outdoors and the Outdoor Lifestyle. Archery, Fishing, Firearm Safety and Sportsmanship are among our most important goals for the children. We have held as many as 7 camps a year each in different States. Alpen Outdoors always donates 50 to 60 pair of optics, flashlights and Alpen hats for each camp as well as Grand Prizes for our Golf Outings, 3D Archery shoots and other events we host to raise money for the Youth Camps. Vickie Gardner is truly the type of person that will do anything to help kids. From all of us here at Bighorn Outdoors, Thanks you from the bottom of our hearts Vickie and Alpen. — Tom King, CEO Bighorn Outdoors TV and Bighorn Outdoors Youth Adventure Program

Optics for a Soldier

On my last deployment to Afghanistan with my Army unit I decided to upgrade my M-16 rifle with some added optics. I chose the Alpen Kodiak 6-24x50 scope. Sure, it may have been a little big for a 5.56 cal rifle but it was guaranteed that I could see anything within 2 miles. I mainly use the scope for spotting purposes of an Infantry unit I was attached to that needed some extended vision for mortar spotting. For a high power scope Alpen makes, in my opinion, one of the most durable scopes for a military soldier. My rifle went everywhere with me in my HEMMT tow truck. The only damage that was sustained to my scope was some scratches and a slight bend in the rear eye relief. I actually did not know about the bend in my scope until I returned state-side and pulled it out of my shipping container. I would like to thank Alpen for making such a durable and reliable scope. — SGT Anthony Treml, US Army

I was the lucky winner of the All Outdoors Radio photo of the month for August and received your Binoculars. I have to say they are the best ones I have every owned. I am so impressed. I have been using them daily to observe wildlife in my backyard. I have also taken them on a few hikes. I have been showing them to all the visitors to my house and will strongly recommend your products to anyone. I wanted to thank you and All Outdoors Radio for this gift. It was a wonderful surprise. — Brandon

Shasta Ridge Binoculars

I purchased a 10x42 Shasta Ridge binocular from Alpen Optics and took it with me to Colorado on a hunt. One of my fellow hunters had a Steiner binocular and asked if he could try my Alpen. When he looked through it he said he liked it better than his Steiner. I am really hard to please and I was blown away by your binocular. I would also have told you if I did not like it. — J. Goodman

Let me first start off by saying “I LOVE FINE OPTICS” and after years of doing plenty of research I settled for a pair of glasses from Austria by the name of Kahles in 8x42 roof prisms. I was very impressed and completely happy, but just like fine rifles and shotguns you can never have just one! While attending a fund raising event for a sportsmens club I came across a pair of Alpen Optics in 8x42 Shasta Ridge. They were everything I was looking for…BAK4, phase corrected, twist up eyecups, lightweight…felt real good! I bid on the glasses in the live auction and won the winning bid. I was tickled when I used them in the field. Great field of view, crystal clear, awesome enhancement – everything the Kahles did but not 3 times as much money!

Now I will tell everyone I know about Alpen Optics and I see and talk to a lot of people because you know EVERYONE TRUSTS THEIR BARBER! – D.K., Milford, MI

Jeff's Utah Buck

Alpen Optics “How the West was Won”

Vickie, Just wanted to say THANK YOU! for your help & support. We had a great deer hunt and I owe most of it to you and Alpen Optics. The new scope was flawless and performed amazing in some very unfavorable conditions. Southern Utah dirt, wind, rain & hail and this buck was taken in the middle of it all. I glassed him up first thing in the morning. With the naked eye all you could see was his dark body and his white face. There was just enough light to be able to tell he was a deer. Once I pulled up on him with my Apex Scope things changed. I could see not only was he a buck but a pretty good buck indeed. As my friends struggled to see how big he was I pulled the trigger knowing good and well he was a good one.

Two looks and two seconds is all it took. Took one look at his rack and then another look at his vitals and it was over. He was 220 yards away in darkest of dawn. On 10X he looked like he was ten feet away and with the amount of light the apex scope was collecting. There was no-doubt this buck just made a big mistake. Like in all hunts several factors play into whether or not you are successful. Optics is one of the biggest, especially in Utah. Glass ranks right up there with the weapon. Your optics has been a huge part of my success throughout the last several years. Several Mule Deer and Elk have succumbed to the power of the Alpen Glass. Thank you for sending the replacement scope to me overnight. I truly appreciate your support, friendship and product. — Jeff Hunt

Alpen Rainier 20-60 x 80 Spotting Scope

I had “Euro Glass Envy” for several years. I heard a lot of good things about the Alpen Rainier spotting scope and I was looking for something better than what I had, so I thought, “What the heck, I’ll get one and if I’m not totally thrilled, I’ll just sell it and keep on looking.” I bought an Alpen Rainier 20-60 x 80 spotter. As soon as it arrived, I called a guide who I know and told him I wanted to come and compare my new spotting scope with his European model. We attached both scopes to tri pods and focused on the same object a few miles away. We bounced back and forth looking through the two scopes and neither of us could distinguish any optical edge. The only difference we could agree on was that my Alpen was much brighter and it cost about one third as much as his! That was the end of my “Euro Glass Envy” and I’ve never looked back!

This experience prompted me to consider a pair of Alpen Rainier binoculars. I have a friend who has a pair of Alpen Rainier 10x42’s and I have a pair of well known, expensive German made 10x42’s. We did virtually the same test and guess what? The Alpen Rainier’s were the obvious, hands down winner with the brightness in a league of their own. I couldn’t hold back and I am now the proud owner of a pair of Rainier 10x42’s.

Based on my personal experiments with the spotting scope and the binoculars, I decided to look into their rifle scopes after recently getting a couple of new rifles. I have my own rifle range here in Montana and I load and shoot a few thousand rounds of center fire a year. I own five high power, high dollar rifle scopes that I have always been quite proud of. I thought it only seemed prudent to give the Alpen XP scopes a go. I got a 4x16 and a 6x24 both in the XP models. The first thing that I noticed when bore sighting with these scopes was that I could focus them down to the thirty yard mark on full power. That was pretty incredible and I can’t do it with my other scopes. I also noticed that the side parallax was so accurate that I swear it could be used as a range finder! Once again the image quality and especially the brightness were way over the top.

This is what I have learned from my “little experiment”. You can pay more if you want, but you certainly can’t get any more—Alpen is absolutely the definition of value! NO MORE EURO GLASS ENVY for me... thank you Alpen! — Darrel Wise, retired outfitter.

Alpen 788 Spotting Scope

I just received the Alpen 788 Kit I ordered earlier this week. Wow! I am impressed. I couldn't wait to get to the range, so I set up my tripod in my back yard and began looking at far off objects. Even with the slight mirage in the 103 degree heat in Phoenix I was able to count the threads on bolts in street lights a good 300 yards away. 223 holes at 300 yards will be no problem and hits on silhouette targets at 200 meters will be a breeze. Thank you for a great product. — Craig B

What a nice surprise I received today from Fed-Ex. I know you said you would repair the Apex binoculars and they would be better than I expected, but I did not imagine they would be that clear and I can't thank you enough for the kindness and quick response that you returned these to me. I am delighted. I have a friend who has the other kind (Swarovsky) and he is still trying to find something about his that is better than mine. It’s so sweet! “I used the Alpen Apex binoculars November 22 and took the largest buck I have ever taken anywhere in the U.S., let alone Mississippi. The deer was an 8 point, 228 pound buck and will score around 135 Boone and Crockett. Had I not had my Alpen binoculars with me, I never could have made it out in the thicket. I was able to harvest the deer at 62 yards. Without a doubt, you have a loyal follower. — Pat Trimboli