Celebration Hunt for Injured Female Veterans

Vet Hunt

Alpen Optics, along with Mississippi Outdoors, Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Prois, Fisheries and Parks and PVA-ORHF (Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund) recently hosted a turkey hunt/fishing event for injured female veterans to "celebrate" these women and the sacrifices they've made for our country. Click for Second Hunt News.

Wounded Veteran's Hunt with Alpen

It is such a blessing to know that programs exist out there for my brothers- and sisters-in-arms, especially our wounded warriors. Companies such as Alpen Optics are a true credit to our nation's true character and are the fabric that makes our country the finest in the world. The level of compassion for our heroes from sponsors like Alpen is truly remarkable. Hunts are about more than just killing a turkey, these hunts are about empowerment, confidence building, challenging each other and ourselves and building friendships sure to last a lifetime. You can't put a price on that.

Hunts like this are the truest essence of what hunting is about, beyond the obvious tangible benefits. Hunting's value is beyond measure. These heroes, the state of Mississippi, and Alpen are wonderful examples of just that. I'm so proud of the wounded warriors and their accomplishments during the hunt. Thanks to all of you for reminding us why we are blessed to live here in the good ol' USA, why our outdoor heritage is the finest example of moral goodness, and why we don't see refugees heading the other way. God bless everyone involved with such a wonderful event. Kevin Reese, Freelance Outdoor Writer, Photographer, Columnist, Sgt, USMC (1988-96)