Alpen Alliance Ambassador - Jamie Green

Alpen Alliance Ambassador - Jamie Green


Jamie Green is a nationally ranked competitive shooter, an educator in self-protection, and is the office manager for a construction company. Alongside her husband Darral, she dedicates her time to teaching firearms and self-protection classes on a monthly basis, actively participating in competitive shooting matches.

Jamie is not only an expert with firearms; she is a dedicated advocate for personal safety and firearms education. She joined the Armed Women of America, an experience that ignited her passion for teaching others about the crucial intersection of personal safety and firearms expertise. Currently serving in leadership roles, Jamie is an integral part of her local chapter, holds the esteemed position of Arkansas State Leader, and serves as a Regional Trainer.

In addition to her impressive professional and volunteer pursuits, Jamie has attended classes with the FBI Citizen’s Academy and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the FBI Citizen’s Academy Alumni. With a multifaceted approach to personal safety, firearms education, and community leadership, Jamie is a force to be reckoned with, contributing significantly to the well-being and preparedness of those around her.

Educational Outreach

Jamie's commitment to community extends to her 30+ years of volunteer leadership in the Boy Scouts of America. In this capacity, she develops activity and training curriculum for both youth and adults. Her influence goes beyond the local level, as she serves on the National Shooting Sports Committee for the Boy Scouts and holds the position of National Camping School Director.

Honors and Awards

Her outstanding contributions have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her accolades, including being honored as the State Leader of the Year in 2019 and earning the title of Regional Trainer of the Year in 2021. Jamie's commitment to excellence is reflected in her extensive certifications, holding multiple NRA and USCCA certifications, as well as certifications in Rangemaster Firearms Instruction and Combative Pistol. Further enhancing her skill set, she has undergone training with Active Self Protection and The Complete Combatant, and more recently, she added IBDD Instructor to her credentials.



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