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Roger Raglin is a Hall of Fame Outdoorsman who is considered one of the true legends and icons in the outdoor industry. Affectionately known as 'America's Favorite Whitetail Deer Hunter', Roger's 'Wall of Whitetails' is the greatest single collection of trophy bucks taken by an individual hunter in the country. "Alpen Optics has an outstanding product line and I'm extremely pleased to be working with such a great company with truly quality optics." + Roger Raglin Website

Roger Raglin

Outdoor American
Outdoor America

Inspiring Americans to spend more time in our Nation's great outdoors, Outdoor America is designed as the authority for people passionate about outdoor sports and recreation. Delivering compelling content across all connected devices, Outdoor America will engage its audience with relevant and local information, motivating them to embrace their love of the outdoors by recreating in our country's many public lands and waterways. + Outdoor America Website

Wild Memories

Wild Memories

Sportsman Channel

Wild Memories Tv was created and launched in October of 2020. The  television show which airs on THE SPORTSMAN CHANNEL is a collection of  real life stories, trials and tribulations that we as Outdoorsmen and women  experience along the path to our next adventure into the Wild. Filmed, Edited,  and Produced by Chris “Boomer” Davidson the show takes on a life of its  own each and every episode with a new and unique story detailing the life of  a given Hunter, Trapper, Fisherman. Wild Memories always guarantees the  viewers will enjoy a quality produced Outdoor lifestyle television show  focusing on Real People, True Stories, and Raw Emotions. + Wild Memories TV Website