Alpen Alliance Ambassador - Josh Kirchner

Alpen Alliance Ambassador - Josh Kirchner


Josh Kirchner, widely recognized as "The Dialed In Hunter," is a passionate outdoor writer and devoted backcountry bowhunter, proudly calling the southwest deserts of Arizona his home. With an unwavering love for the outdoors, Josh is not just a hunter; he's a storyteller and an advocate for embracing the entire experience that comes with the pursuit of game.

Josh's love for the outdoors sprouted in an unexpected place—Queens, NY. Fishing trips with his father near the Atlantic Ocean and climbing trees while waiting for bites planted the seeds of a lifelong passion. At the age of nine, a move to Arizona opened up a world of mountains and abundant opportunities for hunting and fishing.

Despite unsuccessful deer hunting trips in his youth, these experiences were more than fruitful, instilling a deep passion that still burns brightly. From weekend camping and fishing excursions to annual deer hunting trips, these moments shaped the foundation of Josh's love for the wild.

A strong believer in shared adventures, Josh's most cherished companion in the wild is none other than his wife. Whether they are exploring the mountains or devoting time to their two herding dogs and a mischievous cat, they strike a harmonious balance between the pursuit of game and the joys of companionship. 

The Birth of Dialed In Hunter

Dialed In Hunter originated as Josh's personal hunting journey documented for personal reflection. However, it has organically transformed into a valuable resource for fellow hunters. Josh generously shares insights and tips acquired over the years, particularly aimed at newer hunters looking to fast-track their learning curve. The platform also offers in-depth gear reviews for those eager to elevate their hunting game, discussions on hunting philosophy, and captivating stories from Josh's personal hunts.

While initially viewing hunting as a once-a-year activity, Josh's journey has evolved into a daily commitment. From shooting his bow to scouting, writing about hunting, and savoring the fruits of his labor by cooking wild game, hunting has become an integral part of his daily life. Backcountry bowhunting and bear hunting are constant threads in his thoughts, showcasing the profound impact hunting has on his mind and soul.

"Becoming a Backpack Hunter" 

In addition to his pursuits as "The Dialed In Hunter," Josh authored the book "Becoming a Backpack Hunter: A Beginner's Guide to Hunting the Backcountry." This project, born out of a year and a half of dedication, aims to demystify the intimidating world of backpack hunting. Josh's motivation stems from the challenges he faced when starting his backpack hunting journey and the desire to extend a helping hand to those who, like him, may find it overwhelming. The book covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques, offering a comprehensive guide for beginner backpack hunters.

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