Alpen Optics App

Software Update

Please visit our software downloads page for access to the latest updates and releases.


Live View and Recording

Connected to the device WiFi, Live View allows the thermal device's camera image to be displayed on the screen in real time. Images can be viewed before taking the photo or video to ensure it is exactly what is intended to be captured. The app's recording function allows you to take and save photos and videos.

Photo and Video Gallery

The photo and video gallery stores all the photos and videos you take. Here the media can be sorted by date to make it easier to find. The media can also be shared directly from the gallery or posted to social media.

Operation Manual

The operating instructions for the ALPEN OPTICS Thermal device are always with you and ready for use.


Easy WiFi connection thanks to quick setup.

My Devices

Manage all your devices in one place! Save important information such as serial number, purchase date, dealer address and even a photo of the device and invoice for warranty purposes. Never forget these crucial details again.


Use the convenient forwarding function to access our service page directly. Find useful information, FAQs and customer service contact for any concerns.