Game Camera Placement

Transcript: well it's actually that time of the year it's time to get my trail cam set up now i've got a couple of brusher trail cams i'm gonna put out and these uh these are great trail cams and to set the date and time it's really quite simple but just follow the owner's manual to walk you right through it now when i'm setting my trail cams i look for several different things i look for water sources i look for crop fields food sources and that would also include food sources would include maybe an oak ridge when the acorns start dropping pinch points bottlenecks travel routes i look for all those things even a down fence a lot of times i'll get a lot of good pictures on so this is a farm that i hunt on a regular basis and i have a pretty good idea where i want to put my cameras it's early in the season and i can't wait to get them up and check them here in about a month i'll probably leave these out for about a month because it's my first set after that i'll check them about every two weeks so anyways i'm gonna go get them put up well this first camera i'm gonna hang actually has three things that i'm looking for now you probably can't see it but over this hill is the river so we've got a water source but this is also a pinch point this is an open ridge that drops off on both sides that runs out into a hay field to a food source so everything we're looking for right here and there's a deer trail that comes right through here because it's the easiest access to the food plot an excellent place to hang a camera i'm going to put it on this maple tree right here the other thing i like about these cameras is when i turn it on the first 30 seconds is going to show me what i'm taking a picture of i can set it right to where i want it and that is perfect right there well the second camera i want to put up is actually facing a field edge a lot of deer come up out of this this bottom here it's kind of a flat with a steep hill on the other side and they're coming out again into this food source so it's an excellent spot for a camera and they travel right along the edge here now another thing i like about this camera it's got this ridge on the back so you can you can actually hang your camera just about any any way as far as if you got a tree that's leaning you can adjust so another great feature so anyways we're going to get it on here and let's see here and once you turn it on for the first 30 seconds it's going to show you a picture of what you're getting a picture of i can set it right where i want it [Music] i've already got it set and i just walk away from it it's that easy