On the Hunt with Alpen Optics Dec, 23rd, 2020

Transcript: this event today is the ozark u shooting team sportsman's banquet [Music] this program teaches kids and i say that literally kids you start out in this program at eight years old and from that age you are pounded with safety everything this is our ninth year and we we do really well all the money stays here in benton county uh goes to the youth uh shooting and it's great things we have lots of stuff on auctions raffle tickets [Music] all the money goes to help support the youth shooting team of benton county the money stays here with this organization okay hi everybody i'm kent martz with on the hunt with alpine today i have co-host special guest co-host lonnie robinson hi ken now the video you just saw lonnie was featured prominently in so today the show's going to begin with a visit with alpine pro staff coordinator uh excuse me with alpen pro staff member jordan dean live tv who's going to talk about missouri waterfowl hunting then we're going to talk with alf alpen pro staff coordinator rick white about the state of the hunt merry christmas everyone [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] uh [Applause] go lonnie today we're not going to be talking about the benton county quail barn and the youth sports hunting okay today let's talk about quail hunting and pheasant trips that you've taken in the past so you've been quill hunting and pheasant honey what all your life yeah uh been well over 50 years i've been i was born and raised in kansas i moved here in july of 77 and been hunting ever since so uh we got some pictures let's uh go to some pictures and let's talk about what the pictures are showing there we go this is a hunt that was up missouri about three years ago uh me and some friends are up there hunting and this is their dogs this is on a quail hunt we went on is that brittany there was a brittany and a german short hair i believe is what it was a darker one in the background yeah this one if you look out the window real close uh we drove by this place and there's about nine gold or bald eagles out in this field and i just took a real quick picture of it as i was driving by so what were they out there in the field were they feeding on some carrying they were feeding on something i couldn't tell okay uh but they were definitely feeding okay well we know what that is this is earlier this year in iowa uh i went on a hunt up there and i'm going back up there in three weeks and then i'm going as soon as i get back from there the next week i'm going to missouri for another hunt okay and how many miles you walk you think when you do those hunts i don't even want to know i get my daily exercise in uh twice over when we go on one of our hunts so this is just walking along with the sun and then this is up in iowa again that's not you it doesn't look like when you go that's a very good friend of mine that lives in iowa okay is it his farm no no uh why are you shooting 20 gauge 12. i shoot at 28 gauge 28 gauge yeah i've shot 12s for years but the last couple years i've had a few health problems so i went to 28 gauge and i wished i'd been shooting it years ago i wasn't asked have you had any problems uh taking down pheasant quail obviously 20 gauge is going to be fine but for pheasant that seems like it might be a little bit small i've taken down several pheasants with my 28s already and like i said it's a fun gun shoot it's real light i can put a box of shells in my shirt pocket almost and take off walking right and carry it all day and carry it all day right um the part i love about never been pheasant hunting but quail hunting is watching the dogs work watching the dogs work is just fantastic to see how eat how they just innately know what to do and the training that's been involved to get those dogs to to just naturally build their instincts and their abilities to to and then and the flush and the the sound of the wings and talk about that a little bit yeah it's if you've never hunted with a dog before um it's it's an experience all to itself just even if you're there just walking with the dogs help training the dogs they are very very meticulous about how they point birds out when you shoot and harvest an animal you know the way they go get them and bring them back to to the owner of the dog not to you but to the owner of the dog is who they bring it back to you know and that points out something that i've uh had guides that were very clear don't talk to the dogs do not don't talk to dogs and other guys have been fine talk to the dogs but but generally it's don't talk to the dogs because that confuses the dogs it they don't know what to do so it does for example and that's hard because we all want to go up and and scratch the dogs and praise the dogs and and reward them with that with our humans yeah thank you thank you very much yeah but it's good but no they don't want you to do that right there's a few that don't mind but most of them they want they want control of their dog right um so we talk about recipes what's your favorite pheasant recipe i like stuffing them with fruit bacon them uh then as soon as they get done pull the fruit out throw it away and it pulls a little bit of that game taste out of it uh now two years ago i learned a new recipe and it was uh pheasant stroganoff and it was oh it was awesome so how did you so the ones that you you stuffed you plucked them whole bird i scanned them you skinned them i scanned it but whole bird yes whole bird otherwise okay um and so quail what do you really well the legs i i save them in one portion and then just pull the breast out it's a real quick put your thumb in the breast gum pop two legs that's all you keep on a quail right and how you cook them uh marinate them in that time i've marinated them i've marinated them i fried them i've baked them i've to me it is very delicious meat all right all right so um you have any hunts coming up or seasoning over with no uh like i said i'm going back to iowa about i think it's the 10th of january and then the end of january i'm going to missouri for another hunt so i got two big hunts coming up and are you walking your miles so it doesn't kill you uh lately i have been uh i've been doing some other stuff besides hunting if you notice the hat that i've got on uh the newest northwest arkansas ozark highlands nature center i've been helping getting it up and running just volunteering my time i'm retired so i get to volunteer and i get to help the youth uh different organizations and now i'm getting to do some more hunting again so thanks to coven thanks to copenhagen thanks to coburn that's happening a lot and you know sadly though out at the quail barn you do a lot of the cooking out there yes it does but sadly we've not been having those events and you haven't been able to get all hot and sweaty over the drill uh and that's one thing that i love doing at benton county quail i am a committee member grounds committee and cook committee and one of my favorite deals is cooking and we cook a lot of a lot of stuff out there but the last last year this year it's all been canceled and hopefully next year brings a new good year and we can uh get back to cooking bringing the public in uh letting them know what we're about and getting more money to non-profits that we help we like to support especially the youth shooting teams i think it's critical for all of us who are outdoorsmen and outdoors women to find organizations and non-profits to support with our time and our money if we want to continue our passions and our enjoyment of the outdoors we have to keep those organizations alive and functioning when time is really hard for them right now because money can be short programs aren't paying and it's just incumbent that we we try and channel our like you do your time is valuable to the nature center that just got opened up here and and like you said ken uh time is valuable but if you can take your name your son's neighbor's kid your son's friend and take him out hunting you don't have to let him carry a firearm let them just take them out hunting let them experience the outdoors there is nothing more rewarding than watching kids learn about the outdoors they have questions answer them for them last week we had joe falcon on who yes that talked about his program i don't know if you saw the program or not i did but joe has a wonderful ministry and program and we all need to find ways to do stuff like that so anyway um be safe on your hunts thank you you know don't step any holes don't slip and fall down um and have a good time okay and thank you for having me here you're welcome it's uh great having a co-host yes and uh off we go so now let's go to jordan dean jordan yes sir how are you doing tonight i'm good how are you i'm good how's life in north central missouri well i'm fighting covet right now other than that uh got a big cold front pushing through so hopefully it brings more ducks down tonight so is part of your coven treatment get out in the woods and walking around and trying not to freeze to death in the in the cold weather yes hopefully uh that vitamin d really works works its magic yep for sure all right so what are you after right now uh mainly right now we are going after uh ducks we're gonna start doing a little bit of cow hunting as the weather gets colder but right now where are uh working ducks how's your season been this year jordan season hasn't been all that great a lot of warm weather uh we've managed to you know get our get a few ducks here and there uh hasn't been like we normally do but it's uh it's been good okay we're getting out and getting hunted so a bad day of hunting is better than a good day at the office yeah correct unless you're my son and they have a uh he gets paid to go hunting for the company he works for and they call it the office so he goes out to the office and goes deer hunting so that's pretty cool it'd be nice to be a good job it's a tough life he's got so anyway um what kind of birds is your primary uh speech species mallards yeah mallards we get a lot of mallards a lot of the other ducks push through uh we'll get our you know gad walls and then the divers are still showing up when we're hunting the big water but a lot of times we're just hunting flooded corn fields or marshes and 99 of them our mallards uh pintails are few and far between but like i said 99 of them was mallards spoonies yep so uh what's your favorite diving duck recipe i don't know if there is one but i uh jerky out of those i guess and then what you do make jerky and then throw the jerky away no you can eat the jerky okay a little bit more than the others i haven't tried the duck jerky yet so well jordan feel free to send me some dive and duck jerky and we'll do a live report one of these shows and the cameraman the cameramen are all rubbing their tummies right now all happy about the idea of eating eating duck duck jerky um i believe rick had all my deer turkey when he was down in november i wouldn't send you that but i'm out so well you know that you know most of us you got to be prepared you know we're going to eat and if you're going to bring something you better bring a lot because you know um most of us are pretty healthy me that's the reason i didn't bring dick my deer jerky ain't got enough left for everybody to eat it well well you know what that means don't you i've ate most of it no have you filled all your tags uh no that's where i'm getting that brother you need to get out there and and produce some more uh raw material well i tell you what i'm fixing to do a bunch of uh summer sausage and when i get it made we'll have you back uh i'll have some up here absolutely so i've got about 200 pounds of deer meat in the freezer that i need to process it out very good uh so jordan what are you mostly hunting with carrying a 12 gauge yeah i carry a 12-gauge that still shot makes it hard enough on the duck so uh yeah you know if they they're out there a little farther i want to make sure they can uh get killed and not wounded now when you say you're hunting on big water what are you talking about or you're you're north of the missouri river so what big water do you have uh we have thomas hill lake we hunt a lot in it's a warm water it's a electric electric lake there's a big power plant on it so it stays open all year round that's our big water uh and then we also have a lot of conservation grounds grand pass fountain grove swan lake area that uh you gotta draw in the hunt but we usually do pretty good there so that's our marshes and our flooded corn fields okay um do you fish that warm water lake a lot yes we do and we do what what does it produce big fish of uh crappie and stripers are what we go after okay so it uh big crappie lake really good crappie lake so how big is it it stretches about it's pretty long it's not very wide it's only like a mile and a half wide and probably 12 miles long so um water temperature is what right now what's the lowest it ever gets to in the 80s no no it gets down to the 50s uh the main channel and stuff it gets pretty cold there there's a warm water discharge that stays you know 60 or above in the summertime it gets to 85 or so okay all right well stay safe out there and uh knock down some birds and uh take some pictures take some video while you're out get some of those beautiful sunrises i love to see on a duck morning from a duck blind oh yeah you know beautiful sunrise yeah for sure all right jordan thank you jordan for being with us tonight thanks for saying that we couldn't all right hey rick you're up now yes sir what's going on with the stadium well hey let me let me start off by saying you know i've been listening to the last couple of weeks people talking about duck hunting and and you know i used to duck hunt years ago myself but uh i i have yet to eat a duck that i thought was worthy of actually being in and on my stove uh now i'm gonna get a lot of flack from duck hunters i'm sure and the one thing i always hear from the duck hunters oh you just got to know how to cook it well you know i i have had some decent duck that was wrapped in bacon and thrown on the grill but quite honestly you can wrap a tennis shoe in bacon and the finish you taste pretty good so you know i don't know uh no i'm not i'm not knocking it but uh uh ducks yeah uh-huh yeah it took my mom let's talk a little bit about some good eating beer and maybe some turkeys or something like that how about it took my mom several years to learn to cook duck to where we would enjoy it and eat it and she never would share the recipe with me well that was mean i know yeah you know and i don't want to knock the duck hunters out there like i said i used to do a lot of duck hunting myself and really the only reason i'm not duck hunting much anymore is well first of all the last time i went duck hunting we were still shooting lead shots so that tells you about yeah it was but you know all the deer hunting and the turkey that i do and and uh i just don't have time to be chasing ducks and it'd just be another expensive habit to add to the repertoire but uh no it's uh it was fun i enjoyed it and uh but uh it's all about deer in the fall for me and of course turkey's in the spring so and i can't beat our deer season you know our shotgun season here in iowa where i live just ended last weekend and we went up to the farm and we were we were doing some serious hunting but we were doing some doe patrol uh too and we had a pretty good harvest to doze we do that every year we get some depth tags uh due to crop damage and we try to thin them out a little bit yeah we did but i will say that uh in iowa and a lot of the other states i've hunted this fall the deer numbers seem to be down a little bit ehd possibly in some areas maybe cwd and others and uh maybe i don't know maybe some pressure and and the bad you know it's been warm warmer than normal so a lot of these deer uh are moving more at night but we just didn't see the number of deer and we really didn't see the number of big bucks like we normally do they're out there uh but i don't think quite as many yeah i think rick that we're all facing that warm weather you know in all aspects of being outdoors i mean i i don't like hunting and when bow season opens up i hate getting bit by mosquitoes and i saw a mosquito a week and a half ago and it was like gee whiz what's going on here we should be past the mosquito stage right now we're still seeing some mosquitoes so we don't we don't have any mosquitoes i can tell you that listen i went i went out today uh which is typical of me to go start my christmas shopping about two days before christmas that's what i do and i was out i was one of those one of those guys that was out facing the crowds and anyways on the way to the store at about 12 30 this afternoon it was 53 degrees i looked at my phone i was in the store for about a half hour maybe 45 minutes and when i came out i checked the temperature again and it was 39 it had dropped that much in in 45 minutes and we're heading down into the single digits this evening and we had 53 degrees here this morning so that's that's iowa for you and you know that's that's kind of what you deal with sometimes the other on the other side of the coin though it is supposed to semly semi warm up just a little bit we're going to be in the 30s and maybe even 40 again here in the next few days so you know not a big freeze but it's still going to be cold yep yeah i wish it would be that way down here like kent was saying we have a five-month archery season in arkansas it starts october and actually end of september to the last day of february and it's been too hot to get out there and really archery hunt all right oh it has absolutely and i've still got uh i was down in the hunting uh in november with jordan actually uh down in missouri's rifle season and i didn't take a deer uh so my tag is still good for the the late muzzleloader season that opens up the day after christmas so i'm hoping to run down to uh steve hardin's uh down at wablo creek outfitters and do a little late season muzzleloader hunt and then i still have iowa muzzleloader season uh which is on right now and goes till january 10th so i'm just waiting for the weather to get colder maybe get a little snow on the ground and it i expect it'll be a pretty good hunt as it usually is you know talking about the weather and my son and grandson were out uh monday or tuesday at the farm and my five-year-old grandson found a shed and i i already already i know and i was like last year's he says uh-uh this year's horn and i think it it i wonder if something genetic was going on weird there because what really wasn't big at all you know it looked like a yearling but a year and a half deer but it was still weird to find a shed that early that was a new shed i'm just wondering if it's heat related as much as anything else no listen uh i bought i found a shed the other day myself that it's very typical this time of year that some of the bucks are going to start shedding i mean they they just naturally do about now it's that time of year we don't until the first part of march that's probably the earliest i've ever seen a shed i mean i don't shed hunting a lot but you know i've been out in the woods a lot not the last few years but it was generally you know january before i started seeing sheds yeah you're not going to do any shed hunting this time of year but there's there's been many a times in the past years uh that we've shot bucks and if you're pulling them out with the antlers we've actually pulled them off yes uh some of that you know that a lot of that has to do with uh it could be stress related it could be due to the food source it could be to the amount of water that we had throughout the year uh there's there's a lot of reasons why but it it is perfectly normal to find sheds now you won't find a probably a lot of them right now but in the next two to three weeks you're gonna start you're gonna start seeing them finding more and more of them yes sir all right so rick anything else you want to cover are you wrapping it up well no i think we're pretty good you know next week uh we've got jack code uh is going to be on the show and and jack kind of coordinates uh all the uh pro bow shooters uh for us so uh looking forward to hearing what he's got going on and he lives out east so give us a little bit of a different look uh what's going on out there i know they've had a lot of snow i think he's out in new york so lots of snow out there and and uh i would imagine that may have shut down some of their deer season uh you know and as you guys have always mentioned especially with with everything that's been going on in 2020 and jordan mentioned he was dealing with cobot right now and i know he is i've been talking to him on a regular basis i actually had covert about two months ago and i was very fortunate i had very few symptoms i lost my sense of taste and smell but i got through it just fine and and i think most people do and my heart goes out to those that that have to deal with it on the other side but um you know uh one of the things we always talk about is getting kids out with 2021 coming up and kind of a new look on life maybe perhaps let's uh let's get some of these kids involved and and get them out there and there's not a better feeling in the world and i know a lot of the folks watching i saw william sullivan was watching and and john dallas is on there and and these are guys that take kids all the time and i can't stress it enough and being in the hunting industry of course you know we want we want to want to bring kids up into the outdoors because they're our future when it comes to buying hunting supplies but more importantly getting kids out in the outdoors is just a great experience for them i know it has been for me ever since i started hunting back when i was six years old to this day i can't get enough of it so six years old and started every time on that note and then i also want to wish everybody a very merry christmas holidays are real big for me and my family and i love christmas time probably one of my favorite holidays and uh it rates rates uh well turkey season's close but no christmas is one of my favorite holidays and and truly want to wish everybody a merry christmas all right rick thanks a merry christmas to you too all right all right thanks guys so close the show every week with a special uh co-host mark strockie's taking the the rest of the week off and he's with his family and uh so he turned over the special duties to me today's special is the alpen kodiak model 829 10 by 42 binoculars they're waterproof have long eye relief they're fully multi-coated they're rubber armored for rugged protection and durability and they have twist out twist up eye cups hey guys and they have a lifetime warranty life's gonna have all you gotta do is register your binoculars and you'll have that lifetime warranty bingo register with within 60 days of purchasing they have the alpine lifetime warranty on them here they are they're a great product flip up flip down well that's some one you're looking at cameraman back here now i don't know we call him great babe he's a great great baby he's a rather small fella so uh come with this great alpine case right here the question becomes what's the special what what how much are they can't thank you for asking lonnie i think i'll tell them okay these binoculars right here in my hands retail for 199.99 copper cents well not copper anymore but they used to be they used to be anyway back in our kid 200 bucks if you go on to alpen alpenoptics.com or bresserusa.com between now and midnight december 27th 2020 and you go and search for and find the model 829 alpine kodiak 10 by 42 binoculars go to checkout put in the code on the hunt all lower case all ran together no spaces on the hunt o-n-t-h-e h-u-n-t all in lower case you'll get these binoculars for 99 99 99. i may be on there tonight 50 off fifty percent fifty percent off and that's you that's one of the best christmas presents you could get right there oh it's it's you you know tell them tell them you got something special uh we'll ship them out next week because the the staff is taking tomorrow and christmas day off monday morning you get them bought we're going to get them out the door to you and uh surprise somebody with late christmas chris hey guys before you go yeah rick go ahead go ahead what uh what is that you got on your head what you got santa are you gonna be santa this year or what are you just one of the elves i'm santa every year brother he's in health too uh i don't have pointed ears like you don't you they came that's why you keep your hair so long so yeah so you can't see my ears your pointy little ears that you got right there so anyway all right um it's uh these things are hot i don't know a santa suit would be a good survival suit actually and that's why he wears that thing because you know um it's got to be pretty darn cold to be comfortable in the santa suit so you know that that fat guy knows what he's doing to stay warm in the wintertime and uh all those survival episodes i saw a few years ago that they you know they kidnapped a guy and dropped him out in the woods they dropped him in norway in a santa suit with his felt you know santa suit and he was just he's like clam in the mud he was he thought he was that suit out in that white snow he ought to be found it's a safety device too very good for sure so you make a good santa maybe maybe a beard might help just a little bit but right now i attempted to grow a beard one year fine no shave november and my beard grows straight out the hairs don't curl which looks really odd and there's a patch right here it grows exactly no hair so i've got a straight beard big old circle and it just is crazy so anyway i think it's time to wrap up i think it is i want to thank everybody for watching uh everybody have a merry christmas be safe if you're traveling you know uh use you know personal protection use the face mask you know we've all by now have know somebody that's either had it or has died been really sick or died from it i've had two very close friends this week die from coven pneumonia related covert they were both perfectly healthy in their late 60s and it knocked them both down in the octopus and it's hard to watch so you know take it serious so anyway thank you for joining us on behalf of lonnie robinson thank you for having me okay bump thanks ronnie for stepping in and we're gonna have you back i'm kent martz for rick white thanks jordan dean everybody have a merry christmas safe stay safe thank you for watching on the hunt with alpine merry christmas merry christmas [Music] [Music] this event today is the ozark use shooting team sportsman's banquet [Music] this program teaches kids and i say that literally kids you start out in this program at eight years old and from that age you are pounded with safety everything this is our ninth year we do really well all the money stays here in benton county uh goes to the youth uh shooting and it's great things we have lots of stuff on auctions rifle tickets [Music] all the money goes to help support the youth shooting team of benton county the money stays here with this organization benton county quail has been around for many years now alpine it's been a big supporter of our group i'm a committee member i'm a grounds committee member and i'm a cook committee member so when you come to our banquets you always have some good food to eat [Applause] [Music] the kids that are here and the kids that can't afford to come we do not turn kids away you know this is the great thing where you can give give your knowledge to these kids and then watch them grow and i've already we've already watched kids grow go to college get a degree and come back and coach in this club i think it went fantastic we had more 500 packages sold than that than ever no handcuffs that i know so far we'll be here next year lord willing and the creeks don't [Applause] bye