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On the Hunt Sept 21st, 2022 transcript: okay can you hear me
yes okay let's run with this for a
before it dies okay
how have you been how you been these
hey I'm doing great we just had the
youth hunt up here in Michigan last week
my son shot his first year my
seven-year-old boy shot a dole last
weekend crops are starting to go off it
looks like it's gonna be a great year of
hunting in Michigan fall is finally here
how's your weather been as the
temperatures starting to cool down a
little or
it's hot it was 80 85 today
um we had a storm it's supposed to drop
this week but a lot a lot of geese are
going down a lot of goose Hunters have
had luck but it's still been pretty warm
in Michigan
yeah we had upper 90s here yesterday and
then today's high was uh low 70s and
tomorrow's highs in the high 60s so it's
definitely changing here and you know
that's uh that's typical this time of
the year so
95. nice uh houses today and everything
is open and running like normal and all
is well
yeah all as well in Michigan for about
the last two years where we live you
know I live in rural Michigan and the
last two two and a half years we've
really been blessed because uh we were
unmasked probably two and a half you
know for the first end of the the
pandemic we were but we were masked but
then we went back to school we weren't
masked we've had uh pretty pretty
successful days in school the last two
years and I tell you I'm a principal in
a hunting Rich community and uh they're
excited they're excited to hunt and fish
and we live around the Great Lakes so we
have a lot of kids that love to fish a
lot of future outdoorsmen
that's great now uh you know we've
talked about this before but you are not
only just an author of children's books
your your great author of children's
books because I've read them and they
are second to none really and and you
know you had a series of hunting books
and then you also had a series of
fishing books and now I understand
you're you're starting a series of
sporting good uh Sports books is that
yeah that's it so I was a fifth grade
teacher for a long time I've been a
principal the last 12 years and there
was really uh always a missing Niche for
young readers that love the outdoors a
lot of boys read my books I have you
know I have three daughters and a son
and uh I have some characters in the
books are girls because girls love to
hunt too but there was really a niche
missing on the market for adventure
books for kids that love to hunt and
fish and when I wrote the first book
legend of ghost book it went over so
well I wrote another book and then from
there it's just kind of uh spawned into
a huge blessing our fishing books won a
gold medal last year for uh best chapter
books which I'm really proud and excited
about and uh yeah I just launched some
sports books last month in August I have
three Sports books and I'm writing uh a
golf book right now
well you know I have a series of of your
hunting books and I am just I am just I
cannot wait for my gran I have two
grandkids and I'm waiting for them to
get old enough that they can that they
can read these on their own but speaking
of that what what age frame uh do you I
mean are are your books intended for
so really third grade is it's it's
they're about a 3.6 reading level which
means beginner readers can do them we
sell most of our books to Fourth through
10th grade probably as a majority of
them I write them to my girls in
um the books aren't overly complicated
there's a good moral I really want to
tell a good story I want to get kids
excited about the outdoors and you know
I grew up my dad was a taxidermist when
I grew up he doesn't do it
professionally anymore but uh Hunting
Fishing was something that we have just
so many great memories and I really
wanted kids you know because a lot of
kids don't have people to take them
hunting and a lot of kids are kind of
wonder about the outdoors I really
wanted to write some books that really
got that Curiosity going for kids
go you know you're right it because it's
an easy read but not only is it an easy
read it it and myself as an adult
reading a kid's book it captivated my
attention throughout the whole book and
that's what I that's what I really like
now do you uh do you have a favorite
yourself or are you just a fan of all
your books certainly are but do you have
a favorite
they I get that question asked all the
time it's kind of asking you who your
favorite kid is you know I mean it
depends on who's there right no I uh you
know legend of the ghost will
always be special to me as my first book
um you know that one sells really well
because deer hunting's so huge
um each book there's a piece of me in it
uh the the day it rained Ducks is really
special because I went on a duck hunt
with my dad that was kind of like that
um a little bit of my kids are in each
book a little Adventure so I I mean
legend of the ghost book will always be
really really important to me
um but you know the Lost deer camp the
last book in the hunting series I always
wanted to write about a deer camp I've
always been fascinated you know living
in Michigan we have the world's best
deer camps in November and I always
wanted to write a book that really took
kids out of Adventure and what a deer
camp was like so that book but they're
all special but I'd have to say if I had
to pick one probably legend of the ghost
so so I was gonna next to ask you what
what's your inspiration in writing your
books what you kind of touched on that a
little bit it's it's your it's your own
uh experiences it's your kids it's your
it's your dad so it's a lot of those but
as you wrote the first couple of books
did did it become more natural for you
to kick in other words did your third
and fourth book go get written a lot
faster than your first and second one or
does it come more natural
absolutely just like when you started
turkey calling by about the temp Birds
you got you're you're really getting
good at it and you're hitting those High
chirps and yeah I mean even now when I
I'm writing a book and last year we had
a four day weekend and I wrote one of
the sports books in four days now it
doesn't always go that well but um I
always map out the books but you know I
finding the adventure Parts the easy
part the editing revising is what takes
more time once I have a plot and what
kind of like the animal we're going
after and what they're going to learn
that's probably the once I have that
that's probably the biggest stumbling
block which really isn't one I can write
a book pretty fast but you know prior to
writing books I wrote for honey
magazines I worked at a newspaper so I
really feel like all that was sharpening
my saw getting me ready to write books
yeah and and you you wrote one one of
your hunting books was a turkey hunting
related book uh which I enjoyed I
enjoyed that quite a bit so and you have
that one such a yeah you have such a
wide spectrum now what do you you have
two sports books right now what what
what are what are those
I actually I have three the football
book just came out I have a baseball
um a basketball book and a football book
and I'm riding a golf and soccer book
and uh adventure books good morals
exciting I I've coached for you know 15
20 years another aspect of things that I
enjoy and I think kids we've gotten
great feedback actually the sports books
hit number one on Amazon bestsellers
which is really cool and the neat thing
is there's a lot of kids you know I grew
up loving to play football and
basketball and hunting and a lot of them
cross-culture with each other but we've
actually got some people that have read
my sports books that have transitioned
and read the hunting books who don't
like who have never been hunting but
like the books so that's been another
great Avenue to get youth out uh hunting
and fishing I have been the transition
from reading the sports books and then
reading the hunting books
you know that was something else I was
going to ask you I know you go to a lot
of uh Sporting Goods show Sports shows
and and and uh you've spoke at at shows
and and things like that but uh you know
you had told me one time that that uh a
lot of people that that read your books
or have read your books don't
necessarily aren't aren't necessarily
hunters or fishermen uh and vice versa
and and some of the parents would come
in and see these books and buy them and
then get back to you afterwards say you
know my my son or my daughter doesn't
hunt but they read this and now they
want to go hunting is I mean you hear
that a lot don't you
it absolutely and I had no idea I mean
the legend of the ghost book came out
probably for 11 years ago the first book
came out and I at that time I had no
idea where culture would be where it is
today especially with how people view
hunting in the outdoors so I I think I
was so happy when those came out because
it really bridged the Gap I had lots of
people that said you know what I never
really looked at hunting through those
lens of a you know a boy and his grandpa
I never really realized there's more to
hunting and and they've read all the
books and they have a different version
they may not like to hunt I've had
people that have said you know what
after reading your book now my son wants
to hunt so that's great too but I've
also had a lot of people who are you
know on the fence about it read it and
you know what that actually was a pretty
good story and I could see why kids
enjoy that you know
right now you know you and I both uh
feel it's the most important thing that
we can do is is get kids involved in the
outdoors but you know how important is
that you being a principal because you
see you see it from the teacher's side
but the kids that I feel in my opinion
kids raised in the outdoors have a
better respect for life I I truly
believe that do you see that uh in the
school system I mean do you do you see
every day so like I said I I live on the
beautiful Shores and we're not far from
um Lake Huron and so many of our
students you know that that's a common
bond that I share even with the tough
students who who school is tough for you
know not every kid's going to be great
at algebra we have kids that are in
welding construction different things
but boy I tell you one one of the common
bonds that tie us together hunting the
outdoors we do an outdoors Club at our
school we put up pictures anything they
hunt fish collect you know if they go
mushroom collecting anything they do in
the outdoors morels and I think we had
45 kids put a picture of them with a
deer a bear or something last year 45
kids and the kids that didn't wish they
were on the board so for me it's a real
common Bond it's a way that I can
connect with kids it's a way that I can
get kids to know that I care about them
there's a Common Language among Hunters
you know
um outdoorsmen always find a way to
connect with outdoorsmen you know
wherever you go if you're on a plane
wherever you're at once people know that
you know they see see some camouflage or
you show them a picture of a deer it's
there's this commonality that that
exists and I feel very blessed because
that's something that I use to connect
with kids for sure and it's really neat
I had a kid the other day that you know
he'd have been in fifth grade when the
book came out and he was talking to me
and he said you know I said well what's
your favorite book and he said uh you
know what you would know it's it's about
this ghost book and you know I said who
wrote it he said Well Lane Walker well
I'm Mr Walker at school you know so they
don't know any different and I said
that's me look at the picture and he was
he was amazed you know he he's like oh
my gosh you're my favorite author I
can't believe you're my principal so I
don't think I'm gonna have any
discipline problems with him the rest of
the year but uh it's a really cool thing
that now what's happened you know with
the fishing books Rick we're in
we're selling books
all over the world
so I'm getting requests from
the travel tree just you know talking
about Recruitment and what what the
advantages are of the outdoors but I try
to do in the books too so if I'm not
there they can get a piece of it
what I mean that is that is fantastic uh
speaking of morel mushrooms how was your
how was your mushroom season this past
spring was was it good ours was was not
that great here
it was it was pretty good it was pretty
good my dad and brother go morel hunting
uh they get excited we we had a real
weird I mean my food plot was looking
great then it got hot you know we're
kind of we experienced a lot of the same
things with Iowa we we get a drought and
we planted at the wrong time and our
food plots are in trouble but we had a
pretty wet spring so there was some
morels good turkey season I'm still
gonna that's still on my bucket list
it's the turkey hunting with Rick white
so we're gonna make that happen one of
these years I got some turkeys we've got
to do that we've been talking about that
for about 10 years now
um so we we gotta do that we got to get
a hold of my bucket list
all right well we got to make that
happen in the
the cool thing about you know I grew up
watching watching the book I I sent you
the books because I just said hey thanks
for all you do here's some books you
know and from there you read them and I
got to come down and stay with you and
we visited down in Iowa and uh got to
know you and you're just as real and so
so for me when you read my when you read
my books that was kind of a crowny
moment for me Rick I was really that was
kind of just some more encouragement for
me to keep keep writing
all right gosh I appreciate that that's
that's great
um and he said your turkey season was
good this year it was and and you got
the kids out yeah
yeah well here my my nephew got one
opening day my brother my dad everybody
my one of my daughters is big in the
softball she's a pitcher my other
daughter's big in the track and my
younger daughter does track hand
softball and I coach my sons at you so I
didn't get out as much
um you know as I used to but I'm gonna
retire someday and when I retire I'm
gonna try to take the Rick white Trail
through the Midwest and just haunting me
meet people eat good food shoot a bird
in Indiana then go to Iowa then go all
over but uh turkey hunting I mean
there's this Michigan is such a
beautiful state I always if you come in
the winter you might not think so but if
you come in the fall the spring of the
summer it's beautiful you know in the
Winter's beautiful in its own right but
it's pretty harsh but our spring turkey
season is beautiful we have a ton of
birds up here yeah well let me first
tell you that you have to have this is a
must you have to have a very
understanding wife in order to get to do
what I do so uh but uh my kind of
marriage she kind of knew that when we
got married I mean that was part of the
yeah no I agree uh Hey listen
um I'm just kind of getting ready guys
this is the Alpin hat now you guys all
know what this means Lane has uh has
donated a series of his fishing books
for us the last time we gave away uh his
hunting books well this time we're going
to give away a series of his fishing
books there's five of those I think is
that right
yep there's there's five fishing books
and they the last one they've been out
probably a full year now and uh we found
out last year they wanted gold medal
book award which to me says I mean
that's pretty cool to have an outdoor
book when a best chapter book a gold
medal that's pretty rare so they're good
books they're adventurous you're gonna
love them I hope whoever gets them reads
them and enjoys them
yeah and I gotta I gotta get me a set
we'll have to talk about that at some
point but anyways uh you guys got about
five minutes uh again numbers one
through fifty uh just pick a number
write it down and here in about five
minutes I'll draw one of the numbers out
of this hat uh one to fifty and we'll
give away a series of his uh Lane's
fishing books so
so what's the you know what's what's
happened in your sportsbooks I mean I
know that'll take you for you know
another year or so but you're always
into writing something if you got some
ideas or or maybe you don't want to
share it I am and you're
uh you're gonna absolutely love what the
next book's gonna be
um my dad my dad's a wild Outdoorsman
he's killed brown bear Caribou elk his
whole life is hunting and fishing
um and this summer I've had him record
some of his stories and uh just like the
old Fred Bear books and the stories I
have a a book coming out I think it's
going to be called and I'll tell you
here at first Nobody Knows the last
Woodsman and it's really my dad's a real
old school he loves the pure joy of
hunting and uh I'm gonna Chronicle all
his adventures from the early 60s when
he was a little boy all the way through
to his last uh moose hunt last year in
Alaska and
it it's going to be fantastic it's going
to be it's going to have pictures I grew
up reading the autobiography of Fred
Bear Papa Bear uh those kind of books
and as a kid you know having those in my
hunting Shack in November 14th the day
before gun season reading that book and
getting excited well by this time next
year I'm going to have an adult book
that's going to be a bestseller that's
that that's what's next and I'm excited
that sounds great I I've had so many
people over the years come to me and say
you know you need to write a book and I
I really wish that I had your talent and
could write books I I can't I've got
some great stories and uh maybe one day
I'll sit down and and jot a few notes
down or something and but uh you know
I'm just not a writer but there's so
many so many things you experience I
mean just on one hunt you go on one hunt
and there's so many memories you have
well if you've been doing it a whole
lifetime like your dad has he's got he's
got more stories that he's forgotten
than than he remembers I mean I'm
because I know I do and every once in a
while someone will you know I'll pop
into somebody and say hey remember that
Huntley went on I'm like no and then you
start to talk about him like oh my gosh
yeah that that's great so I mean reading
books is just the camaraderie when I'm
in Camp with other people is is a huge
reason that I like to go money I mean
that's that's part just as much of the
hunt as it is you know shooting
something tagging something you know
it's all it's all that and and and when
you're reading books it brings back not
only you know are you getting the
entertainment out of the book but it'll
bring back a memory that's similar to
what's in the book A lot of times
absolutely my dad I mean he fell through
the ice and almost died uh ice fishing
before like I said he's hunted brown
bear he was a Gunners mate in the Navy
and used to fish for sharks I mean the
book is going to be fantastic and the
the there's a bunch of reasons I mean
everybody will come over to our house in
the fall and just sit around the fire
and listen my dad tell some of his
stories but uh one thing that I I mean I
want to preserve his legacy but another
thing is he he loves hunting so like I
mean he gets excited if he shoots a nice
six point he is through he'll he loves
the art and the The Thrill of the hunt
and he uh I've never met anybody that's
so he'll hunt he's 73 and he hunts every
day of the season and loves it and
they'll call me and tell me oh I saw
three does okay cool dad here's what
happened you know and he he is a purist
and he hunts for the right reasons and
um like I said I had no idea what the
culture would be like you know when I
first wrote The Legend of the ghost book
and where we're at now and I really
think that I really wanted to be a tool
for outdoorsmen if you're a grandparent
if you're a mom and a dad if you want
your kids to really know the truth and
what hunting can do have them read
Legend the ghost book have them read the
hunt for Scarface because they they are
just books I want those books to really
see all the good and what hunting can
really do for your soul
yeah you know I I've been hunting since
I was a kid and my best memories of of
my dad are are all primarily hunting
stories and and you know back in the 60s
and 70s and 80s yeah I look at the 80s
now now it's a long time ago well it
seems like just yesterday but you know
we things were different back then uh
you know as as it would be but you know
nowadays we've got Hunters arguing
amongst themselves like the the
traditional bow Hunters don't like the
the the compound bow hunters and the gun
Hunters don't like the bow Hunters the
bow Hunters don't like the gun hunters
and you see you hear some of that the
bottom line is we as Hunters have to get
along you can hunt with whatever you
want to hunt with that's that's legal
and you can shoot whatever kind of deer
you want that's legal and everybody out
there every Hunter if you're truly a
hunter should be happy for that person
and we sometimes uh we sometimes Miss
some of that nowadays and and I hate to
say that but uh but we do and we got to
get that's the truth we don't have as
many Hunters nowadays is what we used to
have the the numbers are going down the
age is getting higher you know
and that's the truth and that's part of
a liberal media as well I mean that's
they want that picture to be oh
hunting's not relevant anymore you can
buy your own food and it's really
tearing apart the family because like
you said my greatest memories are with
my dad my brother hunting ducks going to
deer camp I mean so I you know my thing
is I wanted my books to be neutral
enough that someone that didn't hunt but
if you read them there's a lot of
hunting truth in them if so people that
hunt know like oh this is accurate if a
Buck's making a rub everything's
accurate but for someone that doesn't I
hope it intrigues their mind enough to
go well you know what I can kind of see
where that would be kind of fun and
exciting you know I could see why people
do that you know and uh so far that's
been the response and I'm like I said
I'm thankful when I retire I really just
plan on doing a lot of traveling I still
want to see my kids stuff but I plan on
just going and talking hunting
Recruitment and getting kids excited and
getting families excited about being
yeah now what before we draw uh for
these books here and get towards the end
of the show here uh what
do you probably being in the school
system you probably come across some
kids that uh whose parents maybe don't
hunt they would like to get involved
with hunting and what are what are some
of the recommendations for people and
even adults that that that don't haven't
hunted but would like to what what's
kind of the avenue to get them involved
and I know there's hunting groups and
and they could hook up with a friend but
is there what do you tell you know what
do you tell people
well that's a great question and that's
something that I've answered quite a bit
I tell them to find somebody they trust
that they know that hunts and and just
go out once you know if you take a kid
hunting you really gotta make it so the
kid's comfortable you know I remember
when I was a kid so in high school I had
lots of football girls I mean there was
a lot of things going on but when my dad
went duck hunting sometimes I lock my
door I'm dad not today you know and he
kept knocking Rick and every time he
knocked he said the sun will be worth it
you got to get up there's a North Wind
you got to get up and I'd fight he'd you
know hey I'll get you doing a donut now
that perked my interest a little bit in
high school so we got up and on the way
up he'd stop and get me and we had life
conversations on the way up duck hunting
and every time I got up I never once
regretted it never one time did I regret
it once I got up and went hunting and I
would just encourage them when you take
a kid honey my son's seven he's all over
the place he is full of energy so I try
to get in a spot where he can move a
little bit I don't want it to me I don't
want him to think hunting is not fun is
boring so I try to give them room on the
floor of our blind I try to take things
with them to draw to color with I try to
talk with them and do fun things but
find somebody that you know and trust
that loves to hunt have them spend the
day with you get a bowl have them shoot
a bow at a target for the first time and
feel what that feels like to watch that
Arrow hit that Target
get a BB gun you know I started my son
with a BB gun just walk in the woods and
shoot at things safely but just let them
get the feel of what it's like to really
be a hunter you know that's what I would
say the biggest problem I think the
reverse side of that is I think too many
adults care about themselves I think too
many adults get mad if a kid shoots a
big buck and I you know I just it makes
me sad because if we don't train the
Next Generation
observe kind of fishing it will not be
this it's going to be a different
version of so the best thing you can do
is in any hunter that's listed this it
says hey I don't have any kids or
relatives find some kids they're
everywhere talk to your friends kids
take time away from your life to help
someone else
yeah you know well well said because all
of what you just talked about are some
of the same things that I talk about day
in and day out my son I used to bribe
him with candy and I get them out well I
don't have to take I don't have to brag
and dragon with candy anymore he he
loves to hunt I did my job he's a great
hunter you know he's taking on the
Legacy so anyways guys uh has everybody
got their numbers in Paul I'm going to
call on Paul to jump in and see what
we've got for numbers I believe the
numbers are in
all right
all right I am going to draw one I've
got my hat here I'm hoping you're seeing
it okay and I've got it up here and I'm
just going to draw out one piece of
paper right here I have it
and it is gotta turn it around here it
is 18
18. if you see that okay
I was making sure it wasn't in 81 but it
is 18.
18. and Rick just so you know these are
going to be I'm Gonna Mail these books
myself I'm going to autograph them so oh
good um these These are going to be good
good good here so we've got
uh Ron tough got a 29.
Billy Burris got a 38.
Joelle uh Bates 13. yeah
Karen Dallas 34
Phil Smith
got a 20.
and that's
about and is that is that the closest 20
all right well Mr Phil Smith and I know
Phil and he has young kids he will get a
ton of use out of these in fact not only
does Phil win this tonight but he's been
pretty lucky because we give something
away every week and he's won a couple of
times in the past so you better go out
and buy yourself a lotto ticket so
anyways Phil Smith uh Lane I will get
you his information uh Lane will
autograph those so you're really getting
something special and uh Phil I expect
you to uh get back to us and let us know
what you think of those books but
anyways guys uh we're getting towards
the end of the evening I know I've got
dinner Lane's probably got dinner he
just got home and Lane I want to
personally thank you for being on the
show you great guest and it's always
good to see you
anytime any Rick you call me it's a done
deal you tell me when and where and it's
a done deal or not like I said we're
gonna do it you we got to stay in touch
a little more often and folks uh that
are listening we're changing uh the
format of the show a little bit we're
making we're not going to be doing it
every week uh now it's it's just a
burden for a lot of us in hunting
seasons around the corner and and trying
to do this every Wednesday night is
really tough for me so we've got some
new things right around the corner we've
got a couple different shows and some
new structures and I'll get with
everybody and we'll let you know how
it's going so there will probably not be
a show next weekend or next Wednesday
but anyways Lane thank you I appreciate
it uh great guest as always and uh folks
uh certainly appreciate everybody that's
hung in with us and watched the show and
thanks for coming along uh we'll talk to
you in the near future good luck this
fall season
good night everybody

On the Hunt Sept 14th, 2022 transcript: 
well hopefully we're back everybody and sorry about that a little uh little glitch in the system but uh yeah a
couple everybody's with me now and we don't have any more issues uh going into the show but uh Hey tonight's guest is a
good buddy of mine from Pennsylvania his name is Corey brosman Corey how you doing this evening
I'm doing great Rick it's great to see you again good seeing you now Corey uh we're going
to talk about something I I love talking about well equipment you know especially bow hunting equipment but we've never
had a guest on where we could talk about just the mechanics of broadheads and what what makes a great Broadhead what
how do you tune your boat or shoot abroad head on and on and on and Corey is an expert in in broadheads really and
he also has his own show uh interlock out there TV is that right did I get
that right yep yep yep and where does that show air Corey where'd he air
So currently we've got five TV shows um but the main Flagship show is
interlocks out there it's uh currently airing Q3 and four on the Sportsman Channel we've been on there for 16 years
um and then we've got a number of other shows that all benefit uh the broadheads
uh we have a bow fishing show uh a trapping show which is just something I'm passionate about I've got a show
about my kids and and getting more youth involved uh and then we got one called Corey stories which actually takes a
look back when when I was a cameraman where you and I met um it kind of goes back to the old days
and just I just tell old stories and and things of that nature and uh you know just have a lot of fun in the hunting
industry you know not only do I enjoy promoting and building broadheads but uh
you know just getting out in the Great Outdoors and meeting a lot of people and staying in contact with my old friends
yep now Corey comes from us from Pennsylvania and I think you're around the Harrisburg area is that right yep
yep just uh just south east of it about 45 miles in a little area called Wyomissing in uh on Southeastern
Pennsylvania all right before we get into broadheads I think I saw a picture with you and
your son on a Kansas deer hunt is that is that right yeah we just uh just rolled in um a
couple days ago from the Youth Season there in Kansas uh it's a great uh uh thing that many of the states do to
allow the kids to get out there before you know the adults get out there gives them an opportunity to get in the
outdoors um and to get some unpressured deer uh and and my son Brody's nine years old
and was blessed to shoot a a beautiful Mainframe mate with a couple kickers he calls it a 10 and uh you know had some
velvet on it beautiful buck and we had a lot of fun together uh got some great great video and uh and now I'm back home
here doing other things yeah you know that's what it's all about to me anytime you're you're able to get
a kid out and I always recommend people do it in fact I'm I'm taking a youth out our youth season starts uh this coming
Saturday uh so I'm taking a youth out I took them out last year and we filmed a pretty nice deer hunting hopefully we're
going to do the same but uh anyways Corey uh you are a representative of
interlock broadheads and I have been shooting interlock broadheads for well quite a few years and I love them so
let's let's get into the meat and potatoes of the show and let's talk broadheads so you know let's first talk
about the debate mechanical versus fixed blade what's what's your take on that
well let's be honest Rick um
every Broadhead manufacturer makes a great Broadhead um and you could go out with a field
Point uh and if it's well placed you can kill a deer where I my opinion on the
mechanical and broadheads it's what you prefer what your bow is tuned for and
for me it's what I'm going after um if I'm going after big elk uh Buffalo
which I've shot uh if I'm going to Africa and I'm gonna go after um you know Eland or something big
personally uh I'll use a fixed head uh do I think you can get it done with a
with an expandable 100 absolutely but I love that cut on contact style uh
Broadhead uh for for bigger animals when it comes to deer and turkey
um things of that nature and expandable works really really well crossbow Hunters with these you know these
crossbows that are doing 400 feet per second 300 feet per second and faster uh
you know I like that that expandable uh more aerody Dynamic
um a lot of guys you know let's face it they they wake up uh you know they may
not have shot their bow all summer or maybe they just bought a brand new bow and uh you know they they they didn't
take it and get it professionally tuned you know they go out they pick it up they're comfortable with it they shoot it uh and that's where I think an
expandable comes in it flies truly like a field Point um the difference in manufacturers is if
you have a good fixed blade Broadhead it should fly like a field point and many
of the interlock broadheads as well as other manufacturers do um but to answer your question Rick for
me personally uh if I'm going deer hunting uh which I do most of the time
I'm going to use an expandable if I'm going for elk and anything of that nature then I'll put one of our fixed
blades on
what did you get
are you there Rick yeah I am I got someone was calling my phone and it knocked me right off am I
am I good am I back yeah yeah yeah yeah you're good I think they would know by now that I'm
I do these shows every Wednesday but never fails someone calls me um that's awesome but uh all right so
you uh I know you were talking about Mechanicals and I love Mechanicals I've shot them for years and you're right
yeah I tell people this all the time if you hit a deer where you're supposed to
any Broadhead is gonna is gonna do exactly what you want it to so yeah I
like the Mechanicals because not only do they fly like my field points so I can practice with my field points and not
wear out my broadheads and my targets uh but uh you know I'm confident with them and if
you hit even even an elk if you hit them where you're supposed to Mechanicals aren't always the greatest on on big
bones if you hit a hit an animal on the shoulder you know it's not a great shot for mechanical but then again it's not a
great shot for a fixed head either so um but you know the other thing that impresses me you guys have a line of
fixed head broadheads that are tunable and talk about that just a little bit
because that is an excellent feature absolutely so
um some of our broadheads have what we call the bat technology it stands for blade alignment technology for instance
um the carbon tuner or the slice uh the Falcon they're all able to be tuned uh
to the fletchings and if you go to interlock.com you can see more on this and how it works is we'll use the slice
for example the slice is the Broadhead when I go for Elk or things of that nature is the one I'll screw on you
loosen up the tip a little bit and you can turn the whole feral and line the blades up with your fletchings now a lot
of people you know will say oh well you know all My Arrows fly the same blah blah blah in my opinion it's not so much
that you line them all up with the Fletching that's just a great starting point I want my arrows all the same in
my quiver so when I let the arrow go theoretically it should it should catch air the same each and every time and
that way the arrow goes to the same spot that's why a field Point works so well because no matter which way you're
Fletching is the the arrow is is very aerodynamic when you put some blades on the front of that if one blade is at 12
o'clock and then the next one the top blade is more like at maybe nine o'clock you're going to catch air a little
different and unless you've got to finely tuned bow from Levi Morgan or someone that's really really really
critical on each and every arrow shift it's going to hit a little different will you notice it at 20 and 25 yards
probably not but at 30 35 in a little bit of a win situation maybe you're
hunting Antelope or you're somewhere where you got a crosswind you will see a point of impact a little bit different
and that's why tuning your broadheads to your fletchings or at least tuning them all the same in your quiver is so
beneficial yeah and I'm I'm glad you say that because
you know the reason that people used to tune their broadheads to their
Fletching is because it was a reference point and that is not near as important
I mean it's it's a great sight to you know it's easy to match but like you
said you want every Broadhead if it's you know three degrees to the right of of your Fletching you want them all the
same because theoretically your arrows should fly in plane all the same because it's when they're different are you
going to get different Arrow flight and then on top of that if your arrow is not perfectly straight or or it's not as
straight as some of your others you know you may get some offset flight with that as well so what uh so you're kind of a
mechanical guy and and you and there's a new Broadhead out it's been out for a couple years now and I've shot several
deer and several turkeys with it and that's the Carnage and I really like
that let's talk about that just a little bit yep I actually got a I'm sitting at my
desk and it's funny because I actually have a pack right here um so so the Carnage is very unique uh
for many reasons number one it's a rear deploy Broadhead but the blades all are
enclosed by an arrow wrap which is basically a piece of vinyl um it's a fun Broadhead when you buy
them uh they actually come with uh I might even have these things open
um they actually come with a bunch of different color Arrow wraps uh you can actually even get them custom uh they're
a lot of fun you get them home and and it's basically like um I don't want to say it but it's kind of
like rolling the old days rolling a cigarette up I mean you just basically roll it wrap it put it on your bow and
and go hunting and when when that Broadhead actually hits what you're aiming at
um it'll push the blades back it'll tear through the wrap um and it leaves gaping big holes uh I
mean just some giant holes and uh you know uh great blood Trails your animals
will go a lot less um works great on turkeys Deer uh we've had plenty guys shoot elk we had a lady
shoot a moose with them so um we've had great great reviews with
this Broadhead uh and uh you know very proud of it uh interlock did a great job
in designing this Broadhead and getting it out there and uh it's it's what's on my quiver about 85 percent of the time
uh is the Carnage saying I'm frozen am I still am I good
are you seeing me hearing me okay we can hear you I hear you great
all right I don't know okay all right uh so I might be frozen a
little um yeah you know um I like you know you you rap like you
said you wrap that Broadhead and now I was told that if you are a crossbow
hunter that you may want to just put two wraps on it is that is that correct
yeah I mean if you're shooting one of the you know Ravens or something that's that's really really off the wall speed
you know yeah I would recommend possibly putting two wraps on it'll tear through you know no problem uh we shoot
excalipers uh the 420 that that I shoot I I wrap one on there and I've never had
a problem never had one off come off on flight um the biggest recommend recommendation
I have uh that I do that we don't really talk about a lot is when I get into Camp
if I fly in and I don't have uh some in my quiver when I get there and I'm gonna go ahead and wrap these and get them
ready uh I'll go over to the stove or just take a lighter and I'll very very lightly just heat up the Broadhead just
just a little bit to to get it to room temperature a little faster it's just like if you're going to put a sticker on
your car you know if it's wet or if it's ice cold you know it's not going to stick too good but um the the the air
rep that we've got uh the material is really really good you can actually I've done done numerous uh talks and and and
and showed some things on YouTube putting it in water you know uh they don't come off once they're on there
good they don't come off um but I like to heat them up just just a little bit um even when I get them all wrapped up
I'll I'll go over it kind of like the old days when you put wax on your bowstring I'm not telling everybody go out there with a torch and light up your
broadheads by no by no means but um there's a little things that I found with that that make it a little bit
better than it already is um but there is not and I you know people ask me all the time
what's the best broadhead on the market and even though I've been working for these guys for 20 years
I don't think anybody has the best of anything um I think everybody's got good products
out there do I think ours are better than some absolutely but I think it's the best you know maybe for certain
things it might be but I it flies true uh when you hit them where you're
supposed to the deer bleed good or the animal bleeds good they don't go far very rarely do we have problems with
blades breaking you know when you hit just a rib it's been a great little head for us the last couple years we're very
very proud of it everything's American made you know interlock's a small company uh in Lakemont Georgia uh and
the Sullivan family you know have blessed me with a great career and um you know of course I I I want to say
they're the best but you know I don't think anybody's got the best of anything I think everybody's got a place in this
industry but I would put our broadheads up against anybody's and we have and um
you know we're very proud of them we think they're a great little head uh you know no matter if you're shooting you
know one of the fixed heads like the stainless extreme or if you're shooting a tunable Broadhead you know we've got a
lot of options uh anybody for shooting a recurve if you're shooting crossbow with the crossbow series we have a little bit
of everything uh for everybody and and having guys like you shoot them and promote them have been great for us and
we sure enjoy the pictures and love hearing the stories of the big ones that you guys get with them
good hey Paul am I still frozen yes sir
okay I'm gonna I'm gonna ask Corey a question then I'm gonna sign off and sign back on and see if that works but
Corey talk a little bit about people I know one of the reason
or a question I get asked me I have an owl like right above me that's that's hooning it I'm driving me crazy I can't
see it but um you know how do you tune I know you can take the bat system and you can adjust
your broadheads but someone that is having problems getting their their fixed blades to shoot right what are
some of the reasons for that I want you to talk about that I'm going to sign off and sign back on and see if that works
but I'll let you talk about that and I'll be right back I'd tell them to buy a new bow
um man that's a great question a lot of times it could be you know FOC uh it
could be uh it could be a lot of anything um and by no means am I a expert uh when
it comes to this um I've shot basically the same setup for the last uh for a very long time and
I have very little problems I think what happens is a lot of guys try to get their bows a little faster they try to
add too much weight up front maybe they're trying to take away from stuff in the back if you go and shoot an arrow
that is is tuned to your bow
and you screw on one of these hundred grain heads you're not going to have problems uh and and if you do you
there's something wrong whether your arrow is is you know overspined underspined
um you know maybe you got a little too much you know some of these guys and we make an insert that actually screws on
uh it's an outsert that kind of screws on it adds more weight maybe you don't have enough weight you got to add more
weight maybe you got to take weight off um there's so many things
um that you can do my biggest recommendation if you're having trouble and you can't get one of our heads to
shoot or one of your broadheads to shoot of your choice is take it to a professional at a shop and let them
paper tune it you know see if that if that thing is is shooting you know darts
is it is it knock low knock high is it kick way to the right is it kick way to the left is your rest you know need to
be moved uh does your knock set need to be moved there's so many things that go into it you know back in the day when I
was a kid I remember you know we would shoot archery courses all year round
um and you shot with field points and then you know come September you'd start
getting excited about deer season and you would screw on your Broadhead and you would go out there and you'd have to recite your bow in because you know
Heaven's a bit it would it would fly the same because you had such a big gaudy
Broadhead you know on the end of your arrow um and a lot of times they didn't fly the same and back then it didn't have
the technology or the know-how that we have now so for me it was I had to shoot a Broadhead like a fixed blade back in
the day it was the Rockets you know is what is what I kind of grew up shooting before I got with interlock and uh for
me it was throw the fixed blades away and and get an expandable because I didn't know how to tune a bow like many
people don't and to be honest as fast and I've worked in archery shops as fast as things have changed with technology
there's so many little things that these guys know that I don't even know um that that will make it better so so
the best thing to do is is literally Take Your Bow take your arrows your broadheads go to a shop like like Mike's
archery uh for example and go in there and talk to the professionals you know
it's just like you you have a have a car okay back in the day everybody could work on a car nowadays there's so many
computers and different things about it you have to take it to an expert you know basically to get your dang oil changed and it's no different with
broadheads anymore these bows are so fast and there's so many things you can tweak on a bow and a rest and so many
things you can add to your arrow and take away from your arrow so if you buy a bow and you think you got the right
setup and it's working for you don't change it if it's not working for you and you've tried you know moving your
knock set and you try moving your arrest and you try to different Arrow spine and you try different fletchings and it
doesn't work take it to a professional and let them do it um I'm pretty confident if you're
shooting a normal setup and you buy a pack of our broadheads no matter which one it is it will fly true just like
your field points right no I agree 100 so uh I'm back Paul
says I'm back okay look uh I wanna before we go any further you guys know if this is your videos
what's that your video's not coming through there he is my video is not
just my audio Yeah all right well we'll we'll we'll run it
with the audio then and you can keep on Corey he looks a little better than I do today anyways I I've been painting all
day radio but I have but listen Corey has been
cordial enough to uh allow us to give away two packs of interlock broadheads
on the show this evening and we're gonna do it the same way we do it every week guys uh I have in my hat in my alpen hat
here numbers uh pieces of paper numbered uh
one to fifty so uh now would be the time everybody that's on the show live right
now uh go ahead and send your number in uh be cordial to others don't wait for
everybody to post their number and then knock them out by one but just think of a number post it and we're gonna draw
this in about five minutes and uh Corey's gonna send out a couple packs of broadheads uh to the winner we've had a
lot of different winners uh the past couple of months and we've had some really neat things and this is no
exception uh these broadheads uh if you're looking to to shoot something
different or even have them let's see them
they can either do the Carnage for regular or the Carnage uh crossbow series
we've got uh we'll send them right out to you guys perfect those I uh I love those uh those
new Carnage I've shot uh gosh I shot five or six deer I think with them and and all the turkeys I've shot with a bow
in the last three years uh have been with them as well Michael D Giovanni
yes he's disqualified he is like that he said one through 50.
Mike you got 30 seconds to come up with a better number so what are your hunts so what do you
got planned uh Corey uh going forward here this uh this fall season well so so Friday I'm leaving uh we're
doing a veterans hunt in New Hampshire I'm taking my little boy up he's got a lot of respect um for veterans and it's
it's time that he gets to go on one of the Hunts and we're going to take some veterans bear hunting in New Hampshire
uh we're gonna be using the bows and the crossbows with our unlock broadheads and we're really excited about that as soon
as I get back we'll do some Pennsylvania hunting um one of the things I'm really excited about it's a couple years ago I
lost my pop pop and he was he was something special and uh he never killed a deer with his bow he's got an old
Jennings shooting star that's been hanging in the house since I'm a little kid that he used to use and I'm having
it the restrung and I am going to go out and hunt deer with that old bow in honor
of my pop pop and uh and try to get a deer killed with that bow and I can hang it back up with a little blood on it
um and I'll do that here in Pennsylvania and then I'm going moose hunting in New Hampshire uh got a Moose tag for New
Hampshire my uncle and I are going to be going up there uh doing a little moose hutting and then from there it's off to
Kansas where I'll be out with my big my good buddy Jesse Dunlap uh been gone there for a long time and I didn't draw
last year uh we were just we just were there a couple days ago with my son and getting things ready I'm super super
excited about that hunt and then we'll do some Kentucky and uh I'm doing a hunt in Ohio a new place in Ohio with a
friend of mine Dana I'm real excited about and then uh we'll see how things kind of fare you know towards ATA show
and maybe I'll get to Indiana or do something else but uh you know mainly Deer uh fall turkey bear moose
um you know really really excited about this year you know when you have as many TV shows you got to get out and get a
lot of content different kinds of content um you know one thing about our show uh
no one's familiar with it you know it's it's not a show where I beat on my chest I was brought up in Pennsylvania to have
a lot of respect for the outdoors um and I've got to hang out with with Rick and a lot of these great you know
deer hunters um and and I think Rick's a lot I think Rick you're a lot like me you know it's it for me personally uh I'm not out
there trying to shoot the biggest most mature deer on the property I mean we I mean a lot of people do I just go out
there and when walks in and my heart starts thumping I let it fly um you know I'm not uh you know I
believe in deer management I respect a lot of that stuff but man anymore it's just getting so sickening on social
media listen to some of these other guys you know bash so many people because you
know they shot a two-year-old are they so what go out and have fun and that's what our show's about
um that's why I was brought up that's why I'm I'm teaching my kids and um you know it's it's just something I'm real
proud of you know I like to go out there and have fun and and if a 120 inch deer walks in and my heart's pounding
probably gonna shoot it uh yeah no I've killed you 100 100 on that and I found
some big deer I mean you know I've killed I've got a couple upstairs that are you know well over Boone and Crockett that are taken with archery
gear uh so it's not that I can't do it it's just uh in order for me to kill 180
a 130 can't walk out first that's the same with me I I uh I you
know we all have the dream of shooting big deer but you know here and I live here in Iowa and I can shoot multiple
deer but uh in order to shoot 180 inch deer you got to let 140 and 150 inch
deer walk and I can't do it so unless they're not old you know right and and
and and and I've I I have no disrespect to to anyone that can do that in fact
it's a ton of respect um but at the same time you know give us the respect too you know uh like I said
interlocks out there was built on having fun in the outdoors respecting the outdoors and teaching my kids to go out
and have fun um if I hunt like Kansas I'm hunting over a bait pile uh don't hate debate I
you know I I that's just the way I am I like sitting there and seeing deer bringing all the does in and then you
know I shoot a nice buck uh it's legal um and I that's the way I am I'm I
that's what I do if it's not legal I don't do it um and you know these guys that go out
and they they put in these million dollar food plots and and then mow them down and there's corn sprinkled all over
from the mower I don't see that any different than me putting out 55 gallon drum of corn and sitting there and uh
that's right like I said that's what our show's about it's about having fun little education a little bit of
entertainment and um you know back in the rhs days for me uh Ken Kemper taught
me something and I've never forgotten he said Corey no matter what he said don't ever forget this in TV world he goes you
don't have to have anything overproduced make sure they can hear it make sure they can see it and make sure it's it's
it's not shaking and that's the philosophy I've had for over 20 years in
my career and it's gotten me to this point uh I'm not nowhere near the top don't need to be don't need anybody to
ask me for an autograph I just want you to go out if you watch the show and you enjoy the show and and you've seen that
Broadhead work or you've seen no different than you if you you know if you're promoting a product and you've seen it work then get out there and uh
and buy it and support that company um like I said interlocks American made we're proud of that small small business
there in Lakemont Georgia and they've been around for over 30 years making broadheads
okay Hey listen we're getting close to running running out you know towards the end of the show but before I go and draw
a number here tell us real quick where can someone go and buy interlock broadheads
if you don't have them at your local dealer your favorite place ask for it um we are in some Bass Pros and Cabela's uh
Mike's archery but you know if you can't find them and you really got to have them you know you can go to our website
at interlock.com but if if if you don't have them in your store ask for it uh or
call interlock direct but we like we like for you guys to go out to your local shops and support those local
shops so if they don't carry them ask them about interlock broadheads and um
get them to carry them there you go all right Paul does everybody have their numbers in
yes all right I'm gonna draw one and I'm not on you can't I'm not live right I mean you can't see me
no all right so I won't hold the number up to that so I I've got my hand in the Hat
I've got a number in my hand right now and the number is number 24.
that is the number I drew tonight 24. 19. who do we have
so far 19 is Zachary uh
Zachary fix is John Stone
is who John Stone 23 Michael De Giovanni
25 Phil Smith right around it what do we got a 23 and
a 25 yeah tell you what let's give them both let's give them both
two packs of broadheads Rick how's that all right they're problem solved we had
this happen one other time and yeah and our guest did the same thing Corey so we appreciate Michael D Giovanni with the
23. and Phil Smith with a 25. okay so we're gonna get with those guys
and we'll send them we'll send them each a couple packs of Carnage uh you get me the information we'll get them out to
him and uh I'll get it to you you guys uh Phil and Mike uh I know you're on my
Facebook uh just uh and I've got your addresses I think but just make sure I
have them remind me I'll get them to Corey uh where I can just send them right over to them and we'll get those
out anyways guys uh it is uh past time dinner's ready for me I gotta jump in
the shower I've been painting on a roof all day we're painting a metal roof and I've been running a sprayer and it was
windy and I have paint everywhere so uh Corey hey I appreciate you coming on the
show tonight uh hopefully uh hopefully you have some good luck this fall as same to you guys it was great to be
on here and hopefully we can do it again real soon all right sounds good uh guys if
everything goes as planned uh we'll have a show next week my guest is Mr Lane
Walker he's uh he was on our show about a year ago he's a children's hunting
book author has a ton of hunting books and fishing books for kids great great
read uh believe me we're going to get him on we had some audio problems a year ago and I told him we'd get him back on
so if everything goes right He'll Be Our Guest next week um Corey thanks again Paul thanks for
running the show uh until next week on the hunt with app and Optics make sure you're there next week 6 to 6 30. for
now I'm Rick white good night everybody

On the Hunt Sept 7th, 2022 transcript: good evening everyone and welcome to another episode of on the hunt with alpine optics and once again i'm your
host rick white and uh my guest this evening comes all the way
from missouri and we got all kinds of missouri jokes but i'm not going to tell any on this
show uh this week anyways but no uh love missouri but uh zack holmes is gonna be
our guest tonight and he is just about a few minutes and then we're gonna jump
in and chat with zach who uh also just came back from africa so we're gonna catch up on on how his africa trip was
and and i've talked to him about africa before this isn't the first time he's been there and he says it's a phenomenal
experience so we're gonna we're gonna pick his brain on some of that and get the highlights of that trip and talk a
little bit about missouri deer season and what to expect for the upcoming season i'm also gonna check in and see
if he's got any intel on whether or not the turkey populations uh maybe maybe heading in the direction where we're
gonna we'll see more turkeys down in missouri uh in the coming spring so uh but we'll get with zach here in just
a moment uh it is a beautiful evening here in iowa and uh
and i got a bunch of deer out there with you five deer i'll try to show you okay
i'm not sure exactly what you're seeing but uh i've got five deer
just in the backyard feeding right now i just gave him some corn and huh you're hunting over bait rick
oh i'm not honey we can't hunt tonight i haven't he's in empties and we can't hunt over bait anyways
and hopefully we can do that for years to come because we uh we really enjoy
watching them and usually yesterday there was i don't know 12 13 turkeys in the yard
now my buck here that's been coming in on a regular basis uh he's just a year and a half old buck
uh actually the doe that was here uh with her two fawns just behind me here
those are her last year's fawns which is a year and a half old buck this year one of them and he was hard horn on
or i'm sorry velvet on sunday and hard horn on monday he stripped all his
velvet overnight so and we're starting to see that a lot of the pictures i'm getting now are bucks and hardhorn and
i mean seasons really this is the time of the year you get pretty excited about things and i will give zach just a
couple more minutes and we'll get him on uh but uh you know that brings up uh something i talk about week to week and
that's trail cams and this is the time of the year right now i mean the buck the growth the antler growth is done
it's it's over they're not growing any any bigger and they're probably going to be velvet
into hard horn like this week or next at the most so get those cameras out uh you know we've
we've got cameras trail cams they're inexpensive allows you to put multiple cameras out what's that
i'm just looking the uh i'm in behind the scenes they people can't hear me
but i was just talking to zach trying to figure if he was having okay i couldn't tell if you were signaling sound issues
or not so multiple trail cams is is is my
answer to successful scouting because you know i want to get an inventory of what i want to hang up and try to
reconnect i mean that's a big thing to me sure but more importantly when i when i get that inventory and
have a deer that i'm looking to try and go out and hunt i want to learn everything i can learn about him and right now this time of the
year the things that i want to learn is is trying to figure out his travel pattern
where he's coming from where he's going to i mean it's bed to feed feed to bed
and if i have multiple cameras out and get multiple pictures of the same deer i
can kind of put a timeline together and it's a good indication of what that deer is doing now is that going to change
come rut pre-rut and rut probably so you know most likely but
i know that that deer is in the area and if you have an abundance of does in that
same area he's gonna spend a lot of time in and around there um he has really no reason to be traveling too far if he's
got plenty of does so anyways just zach uh sounds like you might be with us
are you here zach
yes you're here can you hear us at all
i can hear you but i can't hear rick interesting can you hear me zach
all right well paul's going to work on on getting zach my audio as soon as we have it we'll uh we'll jump right in so
um those of you that are on there on tonight watching the show if you've got any questions please send
them in and we'll try to answer them you know and i'd be interested uh to see
what uh what you folks are seeing uh are most of your deer hard horn at this point or
uh you know are you seeing multiple you know lots of deer up they down you have ehd in the area uh
you know all that's kind of interesting information especially for me who gets to travel and hunt a lot of different states uh
indiana kentucky ohio these are some of the states i'm going to hunt this year
iowa of course so it's always interesting to see i know
there's a lot of people on the show from indiana and ohio and and kentucky so
mike mcdonald who is one of our pro staffers that's usually watching the show
is i know for a fact is sitting in a tree right now because kentucky deer season is underway and he is after a
giant and it happens to be the a deer that i missed last year so mike if you're lucky enough to harvest this deer
you can thank me first of all and then uh make sure i get at least one side of those back straps
because uh you know i deserve it it was a great deer last year it's a really good deer this year so i wish i'm
the best of luck so uh any luck with uh zack paul
not as of yet but i have uh i was using some of that a lemon shield
on a house that's has a lot of cats
and we did just like a little bitty spot and i think
um i i think it actually works
and um we it's the it's that ammonia kind of smell
and it seems to be killing it a little bit little by little because you know we only did a little little piece or two so
yeah it it's phenomenal stuff especially especially to us deer hunters and elk
hunters and anytime you're hunting anything that can smell you it is important to make sure
that your body is ascent free as possible uh you know when you when you
go out into the woods and deer smell you all you're really doing is educating those deer it's already hard enough to
hunt say again
oh okay all right i can i can hear paul and paul's talking but but the the
audience can't hear him i thought he was trying to get my attention but uh anyways uh you know the the i we talked
about this i think in a show just a couple of weeks ago the the most important thing that you can do to be successful on top of making sure you you
are adequate with the equipment that you're hunting with but is scent elimination being scent
free because if you can't get the deer close enough to shoot is taking a bow or a gun with you
so you know the first step is is is going to the woods there's everything about that shield definitely works
so as soon as we get uh zach on i can hear paul they're working on it right now
uh he was i think i got him fixed today we got it
possibly zach are you there
yes i'm here finally made it home too so i'm not driving if i can hear him he can hear me so well
zach welcome to the show and real quickly just go ahead and introduce your
uh yourself and and kind of what what what you do and and that kind of thing let people know who you are
sure absolutely um my name is zach haynes i am a
field producer for an outdoor tv show called the break we've aired on the pursuit channel for
the last uh gosh seven or eight years but we've recently moved to waypoint tv
uh derek dernberger is our executive producer and editor and does all that work for us but uh we're excited about
the move to waypoint we've got our first episode already downloaded out
there and more to come so uh definitely exciting but mostly what i love to do is go hunting and take people
hunting so that's really what it's about well there you go and and i've had uh
many hunts on on break tv uh and derek is a as a super guy
and uh they've got a really good show so if you get a you know i always promote through the eyes of a hunter show on
here but if you get a chance to watch the break make sure you head over to waypoint tv
and and take a look at it they do have a great show and and a lot of good people that uh are uh are hunting with uh derek
and and the gang so um so zach tell me now i heard that you just got back from
africa here just recently uh yeah i did
you know been blessed enough to be on that trip a few times now and
i was able to take my wife and daughter and son with me on this trip and i mean we just had a blast again uh
i'm growing to love south africa more and more the the more i go over there but you know
that group that we hunt with elon safaris is top notch and where they work hard to
make sure that you have a great experience and we you know couldn't recommend them really any more than we do they've done
a great job for us so yeah it's a blast now what animals were you able to take
on this trip uh on this trip my daughter uh was able
to kill a gems buck and a really nice warthog
my wife actually finished her in palace lamb so she got a white flanked impala and a black impala
after taking a common impala on a previous hunt and myself was able to shoot a nice and yala
and a red heart a beast so we just had a wonderful trip you know
again filling up the trophy room and having great experiences and memories
so so people that haven't and a lot of people haven't gone to africa what would you tell folks that might be
thinking about well do i do i want to really go to africa it's going to be pretty expensive
uh is is it worth the trip well i mean obviously i'm a little
personally biased because of you know my own great experiences over there but i will say this
a lot of guys have told me that they don't think they could ever afford it and yet the same guys will tell me
they're booking an elk hunt for next fall or whenever and i think the message that i
want to share with everybody is that if you want to go on a like a nice elk on out west
that's you know guided and outfitted and not do it yourself you're going to spend what i mean eight to 10 grand not
uncommon right so you can go to south africa for that kind
of money and actually shoot four or five different animals um and have
you know an equally awesome experience all the meat gets used
those folks over there are you know extremely studious with making sure everything gets used and
you can have a wonderful experience for you know similar money to that and it's more affordable than people really think
it is you don't have to spend you know huge money to make that trip happen so if that's on your bucket list
you know definitely you should consider that yeah i from what i understand it's
probably as expensive as anything else to actually get your animals back home
than it is to actually go and do the hunt is that is that true uh yeah that's correct i mean when
you're done you've got the choice to either have the animals mounted over there and then crated and shipped back
which i don't think is a bad plan but what we choose to do is dip and pack the animals
and have everything come back over unfinished and created it does save you a little bit on the shipping that way and then i
have the taxidermist that i use here rehydrate the capes and mount everything and we've had great experience with that
so far and that's just what we choose to do so yeah you do have some expenses in that um you're not going to avoid that you
know type of thing but um you know again you know that going into it i mean the airfare can be kind of expensive you know we've paid
anywhere from fourteen hundred dollars for a plane ticket to south africa all the way up to twenty one hundred dollars
um it just depends on the timing and you know how things go um but again you might spend that much
to fly out west or if you drive you know you've got a lot invested in that in hotels while you're traveling
so it all adds up either way um i think the point really is that you know those experiences are within reach
if you're willing to put that you know put that time in um and one thing you know one other thing
is normally we buy our airfare a year in advance and then you pay for your animals when you hunt them and then about a year
later is when you get your animals back via cargo and then another year after that is when
you might have to pay your taxidermist after they do it so it does help you spread the uh you know spread the cost
out which is kind of nice right i have that champion woodpecker
woodpecker i don't know if you guys are hearing that but he's uh he's rocking my
my world right now but uh so listen um
no deer season is around the corner i mean and it sounds like you had a great hunt in africa and you got to take the
family and i saw the pictures on facebook and that's that's grace that you could share that experience with them because that that probably means a
lot more to you than just going yourself but with deer season around the corner what's what's missouri's
uh deer season what do you think it's looking like this for this coming fall
well the north part of missouri here we've had a pretty significant drought the last 30 or 40 days we had really
good moisture up to that point um all our soybean plots look incredible i mean they're four feet tall
and thick and then all the fall plots that we planted in the middle of august or um you know similar time frame have
really struggled only gotten a little bit of rain so you know you got a little bit of a mixed bag there but it'll be okay we
just need you know some rain to break the drought we're you know like you mentioned that you had a buck already shed um we're
starting to see that uh when we go to check our trail cameras you know i've got maybe four or five bucks i've already seen shed and still
got plenty that are in full velvet but we've only got about a week to go here
our season opens on the 15th which i believe is next thursday and definitely excited for that you know
again taking the family we'll have my wife cara out there with me on opening evening and we'll see if we
can get her her first deer with archery equipment she's taken a couple with a rifle from last year when she first
got into hunting but that's really what it's about for me i mean you hit it on the head that's more important to me now than
you know hunting myself i mean don't get me wrong i'll shoot a i'll shoot a good buck anytime i get a
chance and i love to deer hunt but taking them hunting is is the most rewarding thing i do
you know and speaking of that uh just to promote our video a little bit we just put together our season four through the
eyes of 100 turkey hunting and your daughter i believe has her first turkey
on that video is that is that correct yep yeah that was uh that was filmed
during the 2020 year um you know really early in the you know the days of the pandemic and
alyssa and i basically just snuck away to a cousin's farm and he'd given us permission to you know go
up there and like let's just see if we can make this happen it was in missouri youth season and uh we had an incredible hunt so yeah it
was you know i thank you for featuring that hunt for her on uh on that through the eyes of the
hunter video and you know i think it turned out great so it certainly was exciting for us we'll never forget it
and uh you know now it's memorialized there for sure yeah i i absolutely loved her her
reaction to when she was out there and uh it's it's priceless anytime you get kids out i i say this all the time
if you get a chance to take a kid out hunting make sure you do because not only is it rewarding for them and
something they'll remember the rest of their life you will also and we've got two youth hunts on that video it's brand
new we're late getting it out this year but it's out those of you that are interested uh contact me and and they're available but
we're i'm still old-fashioned i like to put the dvds together i think people like them in hunting camps where they
don't have good service to to you know download hunts and so on and so forth but uh we have memories that will be on
dvd for years to come and we're going to continue to do that at least for a few more years anyway and and uh you know
hats off to my editors edwin shirts he's one of our pro staffers and joe weiner who's one of our staffers as well so
what do you think what are you hearing about the turkey population in missouri any thoughts on that at all
well i can speak to you know what we've seen i mean we've seen a lot of the same
things that you hear uh turkey population in the last 20 years really going downhill struggling
to keep up you know we've struggled to have good hatches you know between weather and
predators and different things we have really worked on our predator management the last
couple of years uh you know intensely trapping the farm every winter and then missouri has now
given us a spring extension as well as a like an early open like we're already open for
trapping and i'm trapping now um so we're trying as hard as we can to keep the raccoons and
you know possums under control and of course you know coyotes and bobcats and things like that when you can
when you can take those and i hope it makes a difference according to my trail cameras we have
had a nice hatch this year i've got a couple of uh small flocks that seem to have six or seven young birds in them
that are you know obviously this year's um you know we have a small farm so that's you know really all we can look
at but hopeful for the future but it's been it's been a struggle um i was able
to fill my turkey tags last year but i as first time i can ever remember having a little guilt
in you know taking a bird you know wondering should i really shoot this bird on this farm because
i just don't know if there's enough of them to go around you know it's been a little scary
yeah you don't have to talk me into shooting a turkey if he gets close enough he's getting shot
you know lots of lots of poults this year in my area i'm seeing them everywhere and i've
talked to several people in a lot of different states and they've seen really good hatches so hopefully some of those
states like kansas which is really in in pretty rough shape hopefully it can
bounce back the thing about turkeys is they do bounce back fairly quick and i'm just i'm just hoping that they do now
maybe some other states will follow but one neat thing that georgia started doing uh for you know they they were one
of the states that cut their their their limit from three to two and uh shortened
up the season and instead of being able to shoot all three in one day now you can only shoot two and it has to be two
separate days you can't shoot two in one day but they now put raccoons on a on a
year-round uh hunting basis so they're trying to
thin out all the the predators that are really taking number tolls on on turkey
numbers so i'm hoping that maybe some of the other states start doing that as well you know usually i see you
in indiana when i go turkey hunting and i didn't see you this year well you didn't you didn't come out or
uh yeah just a i had a lot of stuff going on with work and you know really couldn't couldn't make much of it
this spring was was a little crazy trying to get everything back on uh you know back on the floor with
um you know the regular job you know unfortunately have a real job that you know doesn't let me hunt all the time
um but yeah i mean i certainly hope to see you in indiana again in the future i mean we've got a mutual friend there and
jason and he's done a great job of helping us get opportunities to you know be able to hunt over there and
you know it's just a great time to go and see everybody so i certainly hope to to get back there in the future but yeah
unfortunately had to miss this year yeah zack's talking about jason miles who's one of our pro staffers as well
yep and uh actually he just uh as you probably know he sold his house and he's he's moving and he's moving back down to
the family farm he's going to be building a new place down there so we wish him the the best of luck is as well
so what uh have you got any other hunts besides missouri and the plans for this
coming fall do you got anything going on uh yeah i do a lot of hunting waterfowl
as well i'm gonna be heading to saskatchewan canada uh for
what's become an annual hunt for us uh here in the next couple of weeks actually um do a you know do a lot with a guy
named kyle that works for locked up outfitters out there and you know we just have a wonderful time
up there hunting ducks and canada geese and snow geese occasionally some sandhill cranes
and that has become kind of a you know annual passage to fall for us you know we have
all these opening days that are kind of stacked up together uh the dove opener uh september 1st is always fun then you
got missouri archery september 15th normally go to canada after that and then you get back and it's october
and then it's really time to focus on the whitetails for the next six weeks um right through missouri's firearm season
which goes you know right up until about thanksgiving so this is definitely the best time of year you know for being a
hunter there's there's no shortage of things to do right now i know you film
quite a few of your hunts over the years but do you do you tend to self-film or do you always have a camera guy because
you know when i go out very seldom i shouldn't say i never do i try not to have to self-film i like to have a
camera guy with me but you probably do a little more self-filming than i do is is that what
you typically do or yep yeah i'm uh i'm still filming i mean i'd
say 95 like of what i do it is uh
you know it's a burden it's it's difficult to pack around 40 pounds of camera gear and multiple cameras and
get to tree stands early enough to make sure you have time to set all that up and um you know hunt out of box blinds too
you know same thing it's a different set of equipment you don't use a tree arm you use a tripod so there's definitely a lot that goes into
it but yeah you're finding me self-filming uh most of the time that might even play into one of the
reasons i love taking my family so much is because when i can take my wife or my daughter
um or a cousin or you know just a buddy then i can do a better job filming because that's really all i have to
focus on um when you go by yourself and you sell film i mean anything that can go wrong
will go wrong uh so it definitely adds a layer of difficulty to it but it's also
super rewarding when it pays off all right well those folks that are watching tonight that that maybe do some
self-filming or maybe perhaps uh want to try self-filming in the in the future
you know one of the products that we have is a is the alpine action camera it's a 4k
camera it's it comes with a bluetooth remote it's also wi-fi to your phone uh you can set it at 4k 1080 720 i mean
there's lots of different settings you can adjust the shutter speed uh all kinds of things so if you're if you're
in the market for an action camera um you know check it out because it is as
good as any action camera out there for about half the price really honestly
um so uh you know give it a shot it reminds me of when i first started filming zach
probably way before your time but i uh you know we started filming with
beta cams and some of you may or may not know what the old beta cams were we used super 8 prior to that but then beta cams
uh were big huge tv studio cameras at the time and they weighed paul could probably jump in he
knows all about beta cams probably uh but they were really really heavy and the batteries were big heavy bricks they
weighed about 15 pounds and you could put you had it was tape you recorded on tape and they took a big cassette
that that uh you you could get 30 minutes of tape on a cassette 30 minutes that was going to make you mad really
carry that camera with a big sackler tripod that weighed a ton and extra batteries into the elk
woods into the deer woods i mean and it just wore me out but that's that's what we use what'd you say there paul i'm
gonna make you mad rick yeah i have never used a beta beta cam
yeah well that gives away my age maybe a little more [Laughter]
yeah let me tell you it was it was not fun and just to turn the beta cam on there was actually two power switches
you had to turn up the back unit in the front unit on and uh we had 18 by two
sony lenses on them and they cost us at the time about sixty thousand dollars a
piece so you can now go out and spend about five thousand dollars and get a camera set up
that films a hundred times better than what that sixty thousand dollar camera did back
you know in the early eighties so um yeah it's really remarkable
it's got an even better than that rick um i mean the one you know the camera setup that i used for
uh you know our 4k you know filming that's you know certainly adequate for
4k national you know video production is a 2200 camera and i've got about a 300
microphone set up on there so it's not you know it's not nearly as expensive as it used to be i mean that's
still a lot of money but it's you know it's amazing what you can do with less and like you said your you
know the new action cam that alpine has is you know half the price of gopros right so um yeah all that technology is
coming a long way and you know there's a lot you can do yeah and i know paul he's a camera tech
guy and he can tell you you know you can you can go and set your cameras up you
can buy a i don't know a 1500 camera and and spend another thousand dollars on
mics and stuff you can do that and get by and it's fine my lav mics cost me
about twenty eight hundred dollars you know so they're they're a little better than microphones always the most
expensive mics my shotgun mics a thousand dollars instead of 300 and that's just
that's just what i've always done you do not have to go that route i mean some people
uh is production and you know and i know lots of people in the tv business i mean some people scammers right now are still
in that 50 and 60 000 range just just depends what you're doing but can you
buy an inexpensive camera like you're saying and get awesome awesome footage tv quality yes you can absolutely you
can so what you think what's your take on that paul
my take on that um yeah you're the guy that likes to learn to like buy the expensive stuff
i say learn to light your paint with your lights and then you
film that yep that's absolutely right that's not the
same kind of filming that you guys do right a little different any questions
out there tonight paul i'm sure there are i have a hard time seeing the scream
screen today yeah i don't i don't get the i don't get the questions they don't pop up on my screen
let's see there's not any questions really
okay well that's all right because i just looked at the time and it says 6 30 and 6 30 means uh
i've got some chicken inside waiting for me i believe so but zach hey before i let you go zach
you went to a st louis baseball game recently did you not i did
did you get to watch the cubs play by chance uh no the uh the cubs were swept out of
town by the cardinals before i had a chance to see them i watched them play the nationals last night
and they were able to beat the nationals as well so cardinals are playing some good ball right now that's for sure they
are man pujols is on fire isn't he he is we got to see him bat once last
night and just ended up with a fly out to left center but he got everybody's heart
beaten when he hit the ball high in the air we were all hopeful but he got under it too much
you cubs fans are gonna hate me saying this but i have been a st louis cardinal baseball fan my whole life so and my son
when he was about five years old my wife took him her her
family some of them lives in chicago and he was taken to a cubs game and he's a
cubs fanatic and it just drives me crazy because i'm the same as a cardinals fan
and always will be uh so i i really hope they do well this year and they are doing well zach hey i want to thank you
for for jumping on and and helping us out this evening and we'll get you back on sometime and
uh we appreciate you tuning in with us yeah no problem and uh good luck to you
guys as you start your seasons up there too i know you're excited about the deer you've got so
yep well good luck to you there you go folks mr zach hones uh all the way from
missouri we'll get him back on sometime so anyway hey guys next week on wednesday night 6 to 6 30 on the hunt
with alpine optics we have corey brossman corey brossman has his own tv
show and he's also a representative of interlock broadheads and we're going to talk about broadheads which i love
talking about i use these interlock broadheads i love them we're going to talk about them next week so don't miss next week's show
and if i can if i can talk them out of a few we'll uh we'll give some away on next week's show but anyway hey time is
gone this evening and dinner's ready uh thank you for tuning in everyone and we'll see you next wednesday on the hunt
with alpine optics good night everybody

On the Hunt August 31st, 2022 transcript: good evening everybody and welcome to another episode of on the hunt with
alpine optics and i'm your host rick white and uh coming to you from from iowa
still i'm still at home very very hot day here today and uh but
it's uh turning into a beautiful evening uh my guest this evening is and if i if i pronounce this right
grant carillon is that is that correct grant that's correct
all right welcome to the show and uh why don't we start off just
with you just telling us a little bit about yourself yeah so i uh
started my uh deer farm about five years ago
um i you know i love the whitetail like a lot of you know hunters do
and it was always one of my dreams to have my own deer herd so
uh that's originally what got me into into the deer themselves
and uh my herd right now is about 140 and
we uh we started collecting uh deer urine last year to kick off our uh our business
and and and the name of your company is uh lip curl sense
lip curl sense and and you're and you're based on maybe you said this where are you based out of
so we're based out of southern illinois in marion um okay basically yeah we're about 50
miles from the missouri border and the kentucky border down here in the tip
well you're kind of right in between us because paul's coming to you live from arkansas and of course i live
here in iowa so you know i've been uh i've been deer hunting uh for well
a long time we won't talk about how long but a long time and uh you know i used to use uh your urines and floors and
cents and all that i'm sorry you've been deer hunting since before
they had rifle barrels haven't you no [Laughter]
but anyways uh you know i used to work for a company and and we we manufacture
our own deer urines and stuff so i i've got uh a pretty good pretty good knowledge of of deer urines and stuff
but uh what makes yours and and i tell you what jordan dean one of our pro
staffers he met you i think at a show and uh he thought man that'd be a great great
guest and it is because uh this is a topic we really haven't talked about a whole lot but what makes your deer scent
uh perhaps different than somebody else's uh why why would the average
person that's going out to buy urines want to buy your urine
yeah that that's a great question so we collect all of ours fresh um
right now we have no we do not use any preservatives uh we
we collect it on average six times a day to keep to keep the quality
high and uh it's triple filtered and uh
i believe we we got a great sense so um
that that is one of the key features i believe of
of our company is is freshness
well that i mean that and that's an important factor now do you do you refrigerate it is it stored refrigerated
yeah so once we once we collect it out of our our collection barn um like i
said it's triple filtered to get any of the contaminants whether that be food or or feces or something anything that
could start the breakdown of the product
yeah and then right into the refrigerator put it in gallon bottles and uh ready
and wait for the orders to come in so when someone someone wants to purchase a bottle and it's refrigerated
uh i'm assuming there's a two or three day grace period where you can actually ship it out where it doesn't you know it
can withstand not being refrigerated for that for that shipping process is that correct or
yeah so uh there's a couple main things that will start breaking down urine and one
of them is temperature the other is oxygen
i feel actually oxygen could be a bigger component for breaking down
urine really than temperature i think one one of our key
features is uh keeping it oxygen free is as much as possible in the bottle
and while it's being stored so once we do get those orders in we do
try to get them out with a couple days um while when we do ship them we do ship them
with an ice pack to extend the i would say the
cold feature you know to uh to the consumer
extend the shelf life basically so um yeah so let's let's take into
consideration i'm sure we have plenty of viewers tonight that maybe haven't used deer yarns but let's talk about the
person that maybe has never used them or perhaps has used them but really doesn't have the knowledge
what are some of the some of the steps that you would you would let people know i mean what do you
use in early season what do you use you know as we get pre-rut what do you use late season how do you use it i mean
talk about some of those things yeah that's a great question too um we first start off i recommend a regular
doe urine non-estrus type that's going to
basically simulate does in the area and it puts the other deer at ease uh
you know deer are social animals like a lot of people know and if
if they're feeling comfortable they're they're gonna hang around and obviously uh
you know if the does are hanging around the bucks usually are you know close to follow
yep and and you know what i in my opinion i use more doe urine
than any other urine and then i change that up once we get to the rut so pre-rut let's talk about that
a little bit what do you use and and when and how so yeah so the pre-rut you know um
besides a non-astralis dough we use uh a buck urine also um
and urban we try to have a you know a non-tarsal based
do uh buck urine that way we're not alerting
basically bucks to something that's not natural at that time such as you know the estrous scent
of of a doe that shouldn't be um you know so
that's another key feature of the buck urine that we collect is a
i would call it like a easy
[Music] right and then and then as we get into
late season do you tend to go back to the natural doe urines or is there something else you're using late
season well so what we do is the collection process basically starts with us putting
the dough into or through the artificial insemination
process so i put what's called a seeder inside of them
14 days later i pull it out this does is it adds small amount of progesterone into their system
once i pull that cedar out i give them a shot of pmsg which is a preg
pregnant mare serum so that's going to simulate or stimulate them to
to ovulate which is going to bring them into receptiveness so
during that process i'm collecting the urine so and that's
one of the other features that we we talked about with my products is the
level of estrogen in my deer urine
okay well you know i wanna i'm gonna talk about a couple other things but how does this is a question that i always
used to get asked a lot how do you know when your urine is no longer good it's
it's old it uh it shouldn't be used i mean can you use it from one season to
the next uh do you do you need to freshen up buy new urine even throughout
in this during the season how do you tell if it's old and when uh should you stop using a particular
bottle of urine that you buy yeah a great question um one is is smell i mean if it smells bad
to you it's gonna smell bad to the deer um color you know the dough urine
and buck urine shouldn't be black
that's going to also signify that the urine is breaking down in into ammonia
uh that's you know one of the big factors of buying fresh um i would
say urine bought one season should not be used into the
next season would just be my recommendation yeah well i'm glad to hear you say that because that's exactly what i tell
people you know you open it up if it smells like ammonia get rid of it i like to shake it up and if you don't get
those little frosty bubbles in it uh it's it's it's starting to go bad too and and i always kind of go by that as
well so um you know i hunt over uh a decoy during the rut and and i like to
do that in in open areas and i like to use uh i like to use a buck urine and i put it
on the ground behind my decoy and the reason i do that is i don't want it on my decoy because i store my decoy at my
stand location and i don't want to attract deer to that decoy after i've taken it down so i i put it on the
ground behind it but uh i know a lot of people that use doe estrus around their buck decoys as well
but do you have any experience with that and what do you recommend yeah so you talked about not putting it
on your decoy which is smart because eventually that urine is going to break down and if you
are putting it on the decoy itself it's going to be you know it's going to be hard for you
to decontaminate that decoy um as far as on
the decoy itself um like i said i just i i don't recommend it
but uh decoy hunting can be can be a great tool you know um
so yeah i i do think that's uh
a good way to use the scent i don't have as much experience with the decoy as as probably you do i've i've
used it a couple times with some success but yeah definitely not an
expert in that area right and and you bow hunters out there you know if you've never tried hunting
with a decoy now there's there's some do's and don'ts with with with everything when you're in the deer woods
obviously but hunting with a decoy adds a whole new spectrum of bow hunting deer
during the rut uh if you've never tried it you really ought to try it and if you tried it and you're not having good luck
then just get with me and i'll i'll give you some tips on on what you may be doing wrong and what you might want to
do to to change that success rate but you have a product uh uh buck beads uh
and beads what's the what's the difference between your beads and your and your you know your regular urines
yeah so regular urines will you know we have a urine product a liquid i call it
um that's going to break down faster um
and dry up quicker our buck bead product is basically a
bead form it's a gel it's a biodegradable gelatin bead this is kind of what it looks like
so those will hold the urine longer and as they dissipate
it's going to release it into the ground and the air um we've had some really good results
from four or five days after placing them out uh we make a buck urine and a doe estrus
urine uh buck bead product yep well that that's an that's an
excellent idea you know i always i you know i do deer seminars throughout the united states and and one of the things
that i always talk about when it comes to putting out urines and that kind of thing you know years ago and and still
to this day people do this but they used to take that little 35 millimeter film canister and they stuck a couple cotton
balls in it and they put some urine in it and they went out and they set it out in front of them and they hunted over it
and and that was typical and then at the end of the the evening or the hunt they they'd climb down and they'd pick up
that little constant canister and they'd put the lid on it and stick it in their pocket and they would go home so i asked
them how many deer walk around the woods urinate and then pick it up and take it home with them i tell those folks to
leave your urine out 24 7. in fact i find that it actually works better
several days after you've applied it do you see some of those things as well yeah yeah um
we and that's why we decided to come up with that product something that would last
four five six days possibly one it gets it gives the deer time to find it and
once they find it if that product is continuing to work though
for extended amount of time that deer that particularly that buck is going to hang out in that area give you a better
chance to shoot it while you're on the stand and obviously you have to be in the stand to be able to shoot it
right exactly you know another thing that i see a lot of people do they want to drag you know a drag line in and
they'll get out of their vehicle and they'll they'll take that little drag and they'll put urine on it and they'll tie it to their to their belt or their
boot they'll they'll drag it into their tree stand and you know that deer comes along and and it's and it hits that
trail and it starts smelling it and well it's getting weaker it's getting weaker and they turn around they walk back to your truck so i always tell people to
drag your lines from your tree stand out or figure eight around your stand uh
to me that works better what's your thoughts on that yeah and and that was another thing with
the bead product is that the way we found is that it stays very
consistent because the beads have tons of surface area so as you drag the
beads are turning and it's continuously releasing scent so obviously i don't have a study on how
much scent is released at the truck and how much it is at the at the stand but like you said a deer hits it it's either
it's either going left or it's going right and you know you just hope that it's coming to you
most of the time and and we've had really good luck with people using the beads and and
uh actually people were using them in pieces of pantyhose or cheesecloth or
something that um a light type of material and then once they're done with that
hang it up let that air hit it and uh you know place it where you want
that buck to stop right now you have hopefully you
go ahead i was i'm just i'm just going to say you have beads you have you have natural doe urine you have estrus uh
buck urine uh you also have a a line called choice uh estrus what what's the
difference between choice and say your your standard urine yeah so as the after we give the doe
their shot of pmsg to start causing them to ovulate their estrogen
is going to start rising in their body so during that time from from the hour one that we
gave the shot to our 50 i collect it and that's my choice estrus so
um typically my estrogen levels are 30 to 80 which um
after we collect a gallon we actually test it with a digital estrogen tester to confirm that
those numbers are where we're supposed to be and uh how i get my premium scent is
basically hours 50 to 70 which is when i would be typically
breeding that dough artificially she's at peak receptiveness
we're collecting that for our premium line which we're getting some estrogen levels almost to 200
which to most people don't understand what that is but what i have done differently than other
companies is i've tested other companies products compared to mine now i won't
bash another company or say what theirs were but i've tested some that were 11 12 and
what it is is it's nanograms per milliliter is the actual technical
scientific term for it and there's our 11 through usually 30
and sometimes we're getting levels up to 200.
gotcha gotcha you know i also recommend to people when you do put out your urines
i always i always recommend people put a separate pair of gloves on when doing that because if you're going to get some
on your your gloves you're going to get it on your gloves and and i don't like to get climb up into my
tree stand and have that urine on my gloves because those deer sometimes can pinpoint where that scent's coming from
and now they're looking for you in your tree stand that's just something that i do do you
do you sell any urine that comes in a mist bottle at all that you can mist it or pretty much just
pour in it yeah pretty much just pouring it we had originally started
off with the bottles in a mister um what i have found that
the urine sometimes will clog up those misters and then now you have a mister that
doesn't work also the reason why another reason why is
if you're buying a premium bottle of my product you might be have the tendency to just
give it us one spritz two spritz and think all right well we're good
i want somebody to use half a bottle and really it's not for the
them to buy another bottle it's i want them to have the best chance of harvesting a buck on that on that outing
you know so if you spray in one little two little thing i just don't feel like it's going to be enough to bring in a deer so
absolutely i mean if you're going to use it use it and and you know and i always recommend to people if you're going to
use urines when you go out buy two or three bottles because you know quite honestly i'll go through a bottle in two days if i'm using it
that's just i mean i use a lot of it and that's that's what i do so let's talk a little bit for the guy that wants to go
out and make a mock scrape early in the season throughout the season it really doesn't matter what are your what's your
process uh on making a mock scrape with your urines yeah so that's a good question um one
thing wear gloves because as you're gonna touch a licking branch make sure that you're not contaminating it
contaminating it with your own scent um i'll usually use uh
a stick when pawing away the you know under brush grass leaves
whatever you may pick but freshen up that dirt i mean those deer can smell
you know that fresh earth smell and uh you know just something as a good
licking branch above it and put those beads in there and um
you know that seemed to be working really great last year for our for our customers okay i just had a viewer sent a question
and the question was when do you start shipping esterus urines
i think he froze up on us rig did he freeze up on us yep
it happens well maybe we'll get him back here let while we're waiting on that let me uh
let me let me uh guys look look what this is you ought to know what this is by now
this is my alpen bresser hat and grant has
uh graciously donated 200 worth of his product to be given away
tonight and we're going to do it like we always have and those that haven't seen us do this uh in this hat we have numbers
one through 50. so you know in the next five minutes or so
go ahead and pick a number one through 50. don't again like i say every week don't try to cut off the guy that's put
one on there before you buy one just think of a number put it on there and here in about five
or ten minutes we're going to give away what he's uh what he's donating do we have him back on yet paul yeah but it is
6 25 so okay all right um so uh we'll give you a few minutes to do that um
i wanted to make sure that he was able to get on and tell us where
he can buy or where you know where you can go and buy his uh cents um
so i do know that it's lip curl sense dot com
so make sure you go check that out i was on their website just uh before getting on the show and i was surprised to find
that it's remarkably uh inexpensive to buy these products um so
and and yearns uh it adds a whole new spectrum of deer
hunting if you haven't done it and i like to use urines early in the season um
as much as i do when we get into the pre-rut and rut because i use a doe estrus sometimes i'll drag it you know
from my tree stand but a lot of times i'm hunting with a decoy and i always put put urine on the
ground usually buck yarn on the ground behind my decoy um and and sometimes add
some some dough estrus now i do also make mock scrapes and you can make mock
scrapes right now this time of the year uh with natural dough urine that's what
i would use and put a camera on it you'll be amazed how many buck photos you're gonna get right now and then uh i
like to hunt over mock scrapes even early season a little bit but pre-rut and rut uh if you're in the woods uh
mock scrapes can be a a very successful way to deer hunt so um something to
think about yes i have a question about last week's guest did he ever get back with you
on uh like ammonia smells or
um like cockroaches and walls and things like that because every now and again we get this you know older folks
we clean it up for him and that the smell just stays
yeah i i need to get back to him uh i have not talked to him about that i did tell him i'd give him a call back and
i've been so busy i haven't had a chance to yet but i will and i'll have the answer for you on on next week's show
for sure we'd like to use that um [Music] if it works
we'd like to use that to help the old folks whenever we're cleaning out their
sure do we have any questions we've got a couple more minutes and i hope we're getting some numbers are we getting some
numbers paul yes and phil smith says that anyone with the
last name dallas isn't eligible [Laughter]
i'm staying out of that one phil tell just hey phil what you got to do is you got to you got to really get in good
with john and karen and maybe they'll share some of their winnings maybe that's that's the way to go about it but
uh fakes no they've been lucky that's for sure rick's only got two numbers in the hat
one for each dallas yeah and uh hey this
this gift package tonight can go to anybody so please if you don't have your number in get it in quick are there any
other questions paul that we have about tonight's show at all that i might answer quick no
not that i can see at the moment okay well i yeah i i hate grants that we what's that
i can't repeat what john told phil to do i can only imagine
can only imagine uh hopefully grants may be watching the show so you know i'd like to thank grant for coming on this
evening and sharing some of his knowledge
oh he's back there he is good you froze up for just a moment hey
before we uh before we end the show let folks know what the what the best
way to go and purchase some of your product would be where i already gave them the website but you might go over
that again how can they buy it yeah lib curlsense.com is our website we
do shipping off of there we try to have uh two day fedex shipping
try to get that product out to the customer as soon as possible and the freshest that we can
we also have it local pickup at the farm um
starting next week we should have some of the products that actually on amazon too available so
good but good easiest way is lipgirlsense.com right off the right right off our website
perfect now i was also telling the folks just before you got back on that that you've graciously donated a little gift
package tonight do you want to let folks know a little bit about what's on that yeah 150
uh gift gift pack basically 150 in products so um
you could pick the pick the lucky uh winner and uh i'll get their information and we'll get um
we'll get them some fresh scent mailed out perfect well with that in mind i've got
my numbers paul you got you got the numbers right uh yeah
all right i'm going to draw one i got 1 through 50 and i'm going to draw out of the
open presser hat i'm i'm going to add 49 numbers to phil's number
all right we good yeah all right i'm drawing the number here it
is it's going to come out i got a couple in my hand i'm down one right now
and the number tonight is 35 35 i don't know which way i'm going with
this 35 is did not win
um let's see here uh reese every the third got a 32
looks like hardin did four dallas did 18.
becky did 10 uh
phil smith's did 35. come on
there it is up on the screen boom he did three this is one of our bucks
this is one of our bucks that we use for our uh our collection he's uh trying to support his
his new polish that's great that's fantastic look at
that don't make him mad yeah i'll have to get down there sometime when i travel through illinois
i'll have to stop out and check out your farm so phil smith is one lucky guy
tonight he's been complaining about the dallas is winning a little bit but phil smith is the winner tonight
and uh phil uh get me your information i know i've got you on facebook and i
probably have your address somewhere uh but get me your information i'll get it to grant and we'll make sure that grant
gets that out to you grant i i appreciate you coming on the show tonight and giving us a lot of great
information uh hopefully you had some fun yeah i appreciate you having me and uh
yeah uh stop by anytime yep and you guys uh on the show tonight
uh check out his website as i told you i did before the show and very very
reasonable prices i saw on there and uh if you haven't hunted over scents and lures and urines before you really ought
to give it a try on these beads or something i'm going to give give a give it a try this uh coming fall and
so i would really like uh those of you that do go out and try some of this please give us your input and we'll
we'll pass that along to grant and grant we'll get you on the show again uh sometime and uh and we'll have some more questions
and and so on and so forth so thank you again for coming on and uh folks thanks thank you know
thanks to everybody that tuned in tonight uh next week's guest i believe
is mike dio giovanni from new hampshire and we're going to be talking eastern deer hunting uh bear
hunting and some of the things that's going on out in his neck of the woods so uh for now uh appreciate everybody that
came along watch tonight uh we'll see you next wednesday 6 to 6 30 central
time on the hunt with alpine optics good night everybody take care

On the Hunt August 3rd, 2022 transcript: the scope has a built-in zoom eyepiece angled at a comfortable 45 degrees a dual focus system that allows for both
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this program teaches kids and i say that literally kids you start out in this program at eight
years old and from that age you are pounded with safety everything this is
our ninth year we do really well all the money stays here in bitton county uh
goes to the youth shooting and it's great things we have lots of stuff
on auctions raffle tickets
all the money goes to help support the youth shooting team of benton county the money stays here with this organization
benton county quail has been around for many years now alpen it's been a big supporter of our
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committee member so when you come to our banquet you always have some good food to eat
the kids that are here and the kids that can't afford to come we do not turn kids
away you know this is the great thing where you can give give your knowledge to these kids and
then watch them grow and i've already we've already watched kids grow go to college get a degree and come back
and coach in this club i think it went fantastic we had more 500 packages sold
than that than ever no hiccups that i know of so far we'll be here next year lord willing and
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all right so as i said the next step was to bring the crosshairs down to the bullet but before we do that we're going
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we're good to go the next step now is ryan's going to hold the bull's eye on the red dot and
i'm going to make adjustments to bring the crosshairs down and over to the bullet and that's what we're going to do
right now [Music]
i got to go to the to the left it's got to go left right
or not yeah i got to go to the left are you hungry yeah okay so i think this is right
and i got to go down just a little [Music]
[Music] just the side of that red fold
so we can pretty much assume that we're we're on you think yeah i mean it's in the rich
[Music] all right that's all it takes three shots and we're in the red
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helping wings
[Applause] you [Applause]
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[Music] [Applause]
good evening everybody and welcome to another episode of on the hunt with alpine optics i'm your host rick white
and coming to you from uh from here here at my house uh in iowa i've been uh i was
out in ohio this past week i was out there for a week out in lake erie and we
were doing some walleye fishing and it was phenomenal uh we limited out every day uh the latest
uh it took us was ten o'clock in the morning one day uh nine o'clock another day and we were
done by 7 30 the last day uh limited out in less than an hour so
fantastic fishing got a lot of big ones too so uh i've got few walleyes in the
freezer and we had some good eating fish while we were on the trip so anyways hey tonight's guest is a guest that has not
been on the show before a good friend of mine i do a lot of hunting with him he comes from
southern georgia jonathan herron how you doing tonight jonathan
i'm sorry i'm having a little bit of you but i'm doing pretty good rick it's raining now and uh having trouble with signal but i've stepped outside them in
my truck here but um yeah everything's been going pretty good when you're staying real busy at work about yourself
oh everything's good you know i was down there uh oh back this spring we did a little turkey hunting and i got to tell you it
was a pretty darn good season for us wasn't it i'd say so it's it's been a little rough
here i mean the turkey population of georgia i believe decreased a bunch so um it was
great to have a better season and i believe with them dropping the limit from three to two here in georgia maybe they can continue to grow and um maybe
have some good seasons in the future to come yeah you know it went from uh the limit
used to be three and and it dropped they dropped it to two and you know several other states did uh
similar things where they dropped their limits alabama ohio kansas
you know several states but you know that's what they've got to do the population of turkey seems to be dropping in some areas
but we did we did manage to get on some turkeys and had a great hunt and i know last year i came down uh during
the deer season it was the first time i ever came down to hunt georgia during deer season and listen
you're not gonna you know i live in a state where we have a lot of big deer and when you go to georgia you know
you're not really setting your eyes on giant deer you're setting your eyes on good deer that are older and mature
now having said that there are some some big deer that come out of georgia no doubt but in southern georgia
um most of what i saw were you know good aged deer but just the rack sizes
aren't that big uh you know is that pretty pretty normal jonathan down there
might have lost him a little bit here he's having signal troubles um
yeah he's having some signal troubles can can you hear me
rick he's having yeah we're losing you jonathan i think we've you're kind of break breaking up coming
in and out a little bit uh how's your service
yeah he's having a rough time down there in georgia yeah i know they've got some storms in
the area maybe that's affecting him a little bit uh i bet you it is um yeah well maybe paul uh you keep trying
see if he uh interrupt me if he gets back on there but uh i'll just chat a little bit while we're we're trying to
get him get him straightened out but uh so i uh i've been hunting georgia now
turkey hunting georgia for uh gosh 20 years probably and uh you know it was uh
and and i don't know if he's hearing me i hope he is but years ago when i started going down to georgia
jonathan was just a a little kid and he would come over i i stayed at a
friend's house aj strickland and he's passed away now but i went down and stayed with aj and one of our staff
members wayne shaw and some of you know wayne he he and i and aj always hunted together in south georgia and we i look
forward to it every year it's a it's a fun hunt but it was it was the camaraderie of
those two that made the hunt you know worthwhile i would go down
there just to spend time with them and turkey hunting was just a bonus on top of that and
as i said jonathan would would come over we'd have a we'd have a cookout every time i was down there and
jonathan was one of the kids that would come over and there would be a ton of kids they would we'd have a big cookout
and there'd be 15 kids and wayne and i would have to get our turkey calls out and show all these kids how to how to do
turkey calls and i brought a bunch of extra ones down and we gave all the kids a turkey call and it was it was just a
lot of fun and jonathan was one of those young kids and uh it just uh just so happens that we
stayed in contact over the years and and now uh you know now he's an an adult and and we
we we do a lot of hunting together and we've had a lot of fun hunts i thought i had you back on there i thought i had
him back but then his i guess he dropped his phone there he is can can y'all hear me
now i gotcha all right so you got me now uh i i was just telling them about how
how we met years ago over at aj's when you were just a little kid and we used to we used to do do our turkey calls and
give away turkey calls and and uh you know now now you know we're hunting together and and doing all that
stuff but we had a lot of fun over the years
you got me this time yeah can you hear me
okay i'm sorry i i finally got it working i think maybe all right
is he there yes he's there okay
well jonathan listen uh uh tell the folks just a little bit about yourself what uh what are you up
to these days well i'm actually fixing to finish
my my bachelor's degree in natural resource management in december um i pursued
attracting forestry and i work for ray and air force products right now and
really enjoy it i've i've been doing that all summer other than that i've been farming or uh been in the woods man
turkey season just rolled over here and um hog hunting you know it's pretty big around here just because
the farmers we have big problems with the crops every year so uh we've been hunting the fields at
night a lot of time with thermal or flashlight whatever whatever way you can kill them really um that's that's about
all i've been doing all summer catching a few catfish uh [Music]
you know we uh we would always go down and the satellite river is is is one
one of the rivers that's right there close and we would set out bush hooks and we caught tons of catfish and they
have the best eating catfish it's okay keep going
oh okay all right sorry about that i didn't i didn't know what i was listening to we're listening they have the best eating catfish
i've ever had and it's and it's a blast i'm telling you we and we catch some big ones i mean we've caught uh 30 and 40
pound uh flatheads and blues and and some you know 10 and 12 pound channel cat and they're all good even those big
ones uh surprisingly are very good so we've got uh have we got jonathan on
there good yeah we got uh have we got john they're good i hear some talking that's
feedback we're hearing his speakers we're hearing his
speakers i got you well jonathan listen uh i know you're into the forestry and uh you know
you're in georgia you're in pine country uh what what what exactly do you do what's
your job and and you know what do you do on a day-to-day basis
[Music] i'm sorry can you repeat i lost you for saying what i do
i i was saying you know you being in the forestry can you i'm sorry
is he there yeah he's having just signal issues he's a he's lagging
about he's trying to put it on bluetooth and by putting it on bluetooth he's making it take longer to get to him so
you got about a five second lag i got you they got some storms going on down in south georgia and we're figuring
that might be the issue can you can you hear me jonathan yeah we just lost him
he's he's he's he's not there anymore rick okay all right well anyway so
you know jonathan works for the forestry department and i was i was wanting him to talk about the importance of pine
trees and some of the different things they do down there but i'll talk about one thing and we'll see if jonathan is
able to get back on but uh a mutual friend of ours down there
is is in the was in the timber business for years and they used to it was they
they owned a sawmill and they used to now you know they used to cut pine and
cypress and and even hardwoods down there uh but uh that was their business
for years and years and years and what they got into here about maybe about 10 years ago is they started
an old old hundreds of years old tradition uh and and maybe some of you don't don't
realize but turpentine comes from pine trees and they started manufacturing
turpentine in fact they're one of the few if not only uh
turpentine producers in the united states uh and they harvest
similar to what i do when i collect maple syrup you know i tap my maple trees and the syrup runs and and then i
boil it and so on and so forth well they tap the pine trees their syrup runs in
the summer and the hot the heat of the the year which is right now it's running and then they collect in the fall which
is completely different than maple you know we early spring collect maple and then and then it's usually
done by uh you know late spring it's already done so but they collect sap from pine
trees and they make turpentine and then from the turpentine or from the sap they
also get uh they get resin and they get several different things but resin uh and and
they sell that as well they sell it in in a hard form and they also sell it in a powder um baseball players use resin a
violinist use resin uh and even hunters are starting to use
resin um resin uh is an excellent uh
product to put on your box calls instead of chalk and it lasts longer
uh and it sounds better yes or i heard something it's great for bowling
i great resin on my shoes there you go yeah it blows doesn't it
yeah it does so every big old deal and you put it on your hands it dries the hands
out gets that oil because you have oil from the lane so
yeah no that's absolutely right did we have any luck getting jonathan back on or no
i don't know okay well jonathan if you're listening or you can hear me we'll we'll get you scheduled for another night uh paul you and i and if
he gets back on just let me know but i guess you and i can talk a little bit paul and then uh
we'll uh i think we'll just uh have to make sure that everybody's wi-fi is up uh in good shape going forward
it's just uh the weather and a lot of things can affect a few of us watching so
[Music] it's on the show tonight who's on um right now um ron toth john dallas ron
how are you doing what's every the third reese there you are
and that's who i see well
not very many tonight then huh no right all right so what uh what's
going on down in your neck of the woods in arkansas it's just hot
and more hot yeah it's hot here too it's uh yeah you know we got we got rain today
yeah rain for us not too long ago but today it's just like 98 humidity and
about 94 degrees something like that let's see what is it yeah shout out those
you know we got a those poor folks in in kentucky uh one of our our fellow staff members
and you guys probably all know john dallas uh first of all john is actually uh fighting a pretty bad case of covid
right now he and his wife and uh they're starting to get better but they had a heck of a time with it
and they've had it now for almost three weeks and they lost their sense of taste and smell
and they had the fevers and the whole nine yards uh breathing issues and and but they're they're good they're they're
starting to come out of it uh they run down a little bit but i talk to them on a daily basis but anyway
john i i mentioned it's unfortunate what happened in kentucky john
lost a first cousin in the flood and he has
lots of relatives in eastern kentucky and all of his relatives with the exception of one
lost their homes and uh and then he lost the life of one of his first cousins
um and he was swept away by the water so our heart goes out to those folks but uh
um it's just uh the weather man you gotta gotta keep an eye on it sometimes those storms roll in
they don't give you a lot of warning you know what yeah yeah it's been an interesting
summer i think i it makes me worry about the winter
being extremely cold
well if you get extremely cold down there just thinking what we're going through
so it looks like john dallas says i don't know they have pneumonia now
so they have pneumonia so covered pneumonia and uh
yeah they've really been uh struggling with that and i hope he's uh
hope he gets gets over here real quick so yeah not much you can do the doctors tell them just to ride it out and uh
i don't know i'm not sure about that but uh you know if that's the way you got to do it
i got i used to get pneumonia three or four times a year and i finally started i finally talked to doctor into giving
me the pneumonia vaccine yeah about about like eight years ago
i've been getting pneumonia since i was a little kid and uh i haven't had it
since i started getting the shot about every two years supposed to get it every five but i get it every two
and if i don't then i start getting pneumonia but i get it every five i get it every two years and i
i don't have to worry about getting pneumonia anymore you know i had walking pneumonia years
ago i was uh i was in my early 20s and uh boy it knocked me down i tell you
i uh it was uh really put a put a toll on me there's no energy at all and in fact it reminds me
of i had uh you know my first uh first possibly second bout with covid
was in 2021 and uh i had it in my lungs too unfortunately
it wasn't very bad but it was in october and it was hunting season and i would walk to my tree stand
which is an easy walk here at the house and i would just get part way to the stand and i had to stop and rest i
didn't know what was going on and got the tree and was breathing hard and
and uh you know when i got done hunting that night i said you know i'm gonna find out i got to figure out what's going on here and uh
it was virtually the next day i lost my sense of smell and then taste and i knew
what it was and then of course went and got tested and i was positive so i got a question
if somebody is hunting wild pig and i would say boar but they're not boars
they're you know domesticated pigs that have been set loose yes uh what
what's the best is it like a deer for example i could see where i know where you're supposed to to uh
aim for a deer but where would be the best for a wild boar
or a wild pig you know wild boars or what are hogs in general they have this they call it a
metal plate it's not i mean it's not metal but it's they have this plate uh right behind their shoulder that is very
very tough to penetrate uh in all honesty the the best place to
shoot a hog especially with a gun is in the ear right right behind the ear uh
i've always thought um but uh you know if you shoot them behind the shoulder if you've got a gun you
know a big caliber gun no problem but sometimes the bowers are small calibers
uh they have a heck of a time getting through that that plate that armored plate they call it so uh so similar uh
and uh but i'll tell you what i i've shot several hogs uh and mike mcdonald and i when we went
down to florida this year mike shot a really nice hog and they are i i like pork
and they are fabulous uh great eating whether you whether you want to mix them with your deer or just
eat it you know by itself but i wonder if i would react to them the
same as a deer for you know i have i can't eat very many wild game because
i'm allergic to it something about the protein
is what the doctors think uh i wonder because uh you take a regular pig and
you let it loose what does it take about maybe six to ten weeks and it turns
completely feral and looks completely different yeah i mean they don't necessarily
always look completely different but uh you know feral pigs uh look a lot like
raised raised hogs here but they just they get wild they live and they can breed and multiply very quickly yeah and
i don't know the answer to that paul i i could bring some down you can eat it and if you have three
eyes the next day we'll know that you shouldn't have probably had it no if i stop breathing and kill over dead
then we know well then i wouldn't try it i don't know it's worth trying that you better step
to what what you know you can eat that's what happens to me whenever i eat fish
or wild game is duck is the worst that's why i i don't go duck hunting i
don't i don't do it because i want to but what's the point i can't eat it
so you know yeah you know and i know there's going to be some people out there and they're
going to call me up and they're going to cuss me and i always i i don't like duck i mean
i can eat it and it's okay but you know everybody all the duck hunters out there say oh no you got to
know how to cook it and you you don't you've never had it the way i do it well i have
and i've had it a lot of ways and most of the time what they have to do is wrap it in bacon and
quite honestly you can wrap a tennis shoe in bacon and the tennis shoe will taste just fine well you know duck if
you have to hide where did you eat the duck where did you shoot the duck at what time of year
well i mean when i used to go duck hunt was always in the fall obviously okay but you can go in the early winter
yeah you can certainly and but not not so much here in iowa because your season see our ducks come from canada and when
they get through iowa they're heading your way and and later in the season you still have ducks later in the season
here everything's froze up and they're gone yeah so i'm thinking
our duck season starts basically at thanksgiving and they've changed their
diet from what they're used to eating it may be just get get it the right time
that it could be it could be but you know again they're they're okay
i mean i i'm very familiar with the duck hunters a little debris but yeah they're fatty and they're they're dark meat
there's not really a lot of white meat in a duck so that may be part of it you just don't
like it because it's too greasy maybe yep so
um let's talk about uh let's uh are you uh privy to any of the new products uh
coming out here paul right now yeah we're working on some stuff um
well you know we talked about this a couple weeks ago with lance but you know we do have the night vision and the
and the uh what else have we got coming out with the apex what's that
yeah yep and they're coming out here probably
in by spring i'm thinking um and uh i i've already gotten to look at
the samples and and we we held them and looked through them and
fantastic i mean they are really really good and i'm anxious to see them come in
i know that our rangefinder binoculars are they're on a uh i think they're on a ship right now they
should be here docked pretty quick and as soon as they get that container unloaded uh in the
next couple of weeks we're gonna have the new rangefinder binoculars and uh they are fabulous i mean we just keep
coming up with really really good things yeah uh see here so i've got some stats
on it uh
yeah there's two different models and there's the thermal this is like flir level stuff you know
this is the real deal uh 35 millimeter lens 384 by 288 sensors
and you can change the you can change the
whether it's white red blue whatever you want to see however you
want to see it yep you can change the colors
uh i think you can record on it if i'm not mistaken is that right yes yes so you could going to record exactly
how it works but it you can and of course you you it obviously
hookups your hooks up to your uh laptop laptop or desktop
so right right but anyway we're good um i think
we're right at about the end here so
we're right about at the end mr rick okay all right well you know folks uh
that we're watching tonight i apologize that uh we didn't uh weren't able to keep jonathan on any longer and i'll
give him a shout and we'll get him rescheduled and make sure that uh there's no storms and
he's got got good wi-fi and and uh but let me tell you when i'm down in south georgia my service is
good for just a little bit and then it's bad for a long time it's just that's what you get down there sometimes but
anyways paul hey thanks for jumping in and uh keeping some conversation going
folks uh you know hunting season is really around the corner here i mean kentucky opens uh
the 3rd of september i think i'm going to be going down to hunt with mike i'm looking forward to it uh i'm just ready
for deer season cameras are out if you don't have your cameras out get them out if you need cameras hey check out that
that breast or trail cam there's two of them they're really good cameras for the money they don't get any better uh and
we've got them priced right right now on the website so paul hey uh next wednesday 6 to 6 30 on
the hunt with alpine optics we'll be back with you and uh i'll have a guest all set up and we'll make sure that
we've got some uh better signals coming from from our guests next week so okay
but uh thanks paul and and uh thanks everybody for viewing tonight and we'll catch you
next wednesday see y'all