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Edwin Shirts
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Edwin Shirts was born in Burlington, Iowa, and was taught to hunt small game by his father and grandfather. When he was young, he was squirrel hunting one fall with his grandfather, and they jumped up a giant midwestern buck. From that day on Edwin has been fascinated with the outdoors and has a passion to be in nature. Edwin has been making turkey and deer calls since 2003, and is now the owner/manufacturer of a custom call business. In 2012, Edwin took his calls to the contest stage and has obtained four Iowa State Turkey Calling Championships using his very own custom calls. In 2018, Edwin's all wooden deer call took first place at the NWTF Grand National Call Makers Championship in Nashville, Tenn. He loves to sit and talk with other people about their very own experiences, as well as making new ones for himself. He now lives in North Carolina and is taking Mr. Wingbone's Calls to a larger audience with the help of good friends in the hunting industry.