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Lars Erickson
Location: Colorado
Instagram: @larzo4344
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Lars Erickson was born in Montrose, Colo., a town located on the Western Slope of Colorado. It is said that the Western Slope of Colorado has 90 percent of the scenery and 10 percent of the population of Colorado. In fact there are more elk on the Western Slope of Colorado than people, making it the perfect playground to develop his love of the outdoors.

Hunting for Lars is a family affair. He made his first appearance at hunt camp at 5 months old. He started hunting with his Dad as soon as he could keep up. While archery hunting with his dad for elk and deer on the Uncompahgre Plateau, he started trying to mimic the sounds he heard in the woods. When turkeys were reintroduced to the Western Slope of Colorado with help from the NWTF, Lars quickly figured out how to replicate their various sounds. His dad volunteered his time to promote the hunting industry in the Montrose area at the RMEF Annual Convention. Lars started accompanying his Dad to these events and thus began his calling career at age 11. At 16, he won the Youth Division of the Rocky Mountain Elk World Calling Championships in Portland, Ore.

In high school, Lars started working for Carlton Calls producing the calls he used. At 17, he started competing in the Pro-division of the RMEF Calling Championships and some state events with the NWTF, appearing multiple times in the finals. While attending Colorado Mesa University, he continued working for Carlton Calls and Hunters Specialties. Since college, Lars has done store openings and in-house promotions as well as calling for several of Hunters Specialties hunting videos. Recently he started filming hunting videos as well.
Lars loves hunting with his family and friends. He enjoys mimicking the sounds he hears in the woods. Nothing excites him more than taking a person out and watching their expression when a big bull responds to his calls. Now, he takes his Dad hunting, if he can keep up!