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Mike McDonald
Location: Kentucky
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Mike McDonald started his hunting career when he was 14 years old kicking around with his uncle in the backwoods of Kentucky. As Mike puts it, they were always hunting but never got anything — a fact he was reminded of every time he got home because his mom would say “nothing again.” In March 1997, Mike lost his father due to surgery complications, and the outdoors and hunting filled the void of that loss. On his first outing that year, he was hunting public land in western Kentucky with his uncle when he killed his first turkey — a 24-pound gobbler. At that moment, he realized that all of those unsuccessful trips taught him more than just hunting. It taught him to respect the land, read the terrain and how and where animals lived. From that day on, he was committed to learning everything he could about wildlife and hunting. Now 20 years later, Mike has hunted nine states for animals including elk, mule, deer, grouse, turkey, ducks and whitetail deer. He also has appeared on several television shows on the Pursuit and Hunt channels. He has two beautiful daughters — ages 4 and 6 — that he takes on outdoor adventure every chance he gets.